How to watch YouTube video in VLC media player

VLC media player
VLC media player / VideoLAN

Here’s one way to watch YouTube video without going to the YouTube website. If you already have a VLC media player installed, all you just need is just the YouTube video URL.


With VLC media player, you can watch YouTube video directly from your desktop. VLC is a simple, fast and powerful free-cross platform media player, it is available for Windows, MAC, Android or iOS.

Here’s how to watch YouTube video in VLC media player.

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Watch YouTube video in VLC media player

  1. Download and install VLC media player.
  2. Go to YouTube website.
  3. Find the video you wanted to watch.
  4. Copy the video link from the address bar.
  5. Change the https:// to http://.
  6. Remove the junk numbers or alphabets behind the address. Example:
    • From:
    • To:
  7. Launch VLC media player.
  8. Select Media.
  9. Select Open network stream.
  10. Paste the YouTube video URL.
  11. Click Play.

The video should start playing in VLC media player.

Important! Please make sure to change the YouTube video URL from https to http if you want this method to work.

By using VLC to play YouTube video, you don’t have to deal with YouTube interfaces such as video suggestions, comments, and clutter. Sometimes it is nice to do something different.

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