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Learn how you can find and jump to the first message in any Telegram chat. Instead of the never-ending scroll to find the first message, you can use this trick to quickly go to the first message in any Telegram chat in no time.

If you join any Telegram chat and the other members are in the middle of the discussion, traditionally you will scroll up the discussion to find the first message of the topic. But how you can do it if it involves hundreds of members and thousands of messages?

Here is the easy, simple and super-quick way you can use to find the first message of any Telegram chat or channel. Firstly, please update your Telegram app to the latest version, then continue reading.


Find the first message in Telegram chat

Let say one day you joined the Telegram channel, there are thousands of messages. As a new member, you don’t want to interrupt the on-going discussion and you decided to scroll up to find the first message and read from there.

When you are in the channel, this is the fastest way to do it.

  1. Select the three-vertical dots menu at the top right of the window and select Search.
    • It will open a new search window.
    • Usually, people will search for a keyword Telegram and it will point you to the result in the chat.
    • But if the messages are too many, it is not practical to click the up or down arrow to go to the first result.
  2. What you will do differently here is, when you select Search, in the search window, there is a Calendar icon on the bottom right of your screen.
  3. Select the Calendar icon, it will show you the monthly view calendar of the event in that particular chat.
  4. Scroll to the top, click on the first date you can find and it will bring you to the first message of the chat.
  5. Voila! You found the first message of the chat within seconds.

If you have any method faster than this trick, share with me in the comment below.

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Azka Atallah
Azka Atallah

I cant find calendar icon.
Can you show me a picture.
Thanks a lot

Samah Massoud
Samah Massoud

Thank you it worked

Helen Lewis
Helen Lewis

Thanks, helpful article. So when you first open your group chat, where does telegram start you from the top or the bottom of the cascade? Have there been any updates on this on the last year as i was trying to check their upgrades list but couldnt find the info? Also, say if i have auto download settings on and images are downloaded, when is the back end timestamp created is it when the images have auto dowbloaded? Finally please do you know at what point in a chat the images are auto downloaded? Is it during the scroll or… Read more »

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