How to search for a specific video on YouTube

How to search for a specific video on YouTube 1
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There is a known advanced method to search for a specific video on YouTube and it is rarely been used by the user. In this post, I’ll show how the proper way of using the advanced search command to find a specific video on YouTube.


By using this method, you will be able to find the exact match if not the most accurate video according to your provided keyword combination. It’s simple and easy to remember.

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Search for a specific video on YouTube

I’m assuming you are already on the YouTube website and ready to search for the video.

  1. In the YouTube search box, type your keyword in the following manner:
    • keyword1, keyword2, keyword3, …
  2. Start with the keyword1 or the first keyword for the video you wanted to search.
  3. Then type the keyword2 or the second keyword, keyword3 and so on.
  4. Useful keyword to find the exact match are as followed:
    • use channel to find the video in any specific channel
    • use this week to limit the video in which uploaded in exact
    • use partner to search for the only official video
    • use movie to find the movie
    • use hd to find only high-quality video
    • use long to find lengthy video
  5. Your keywords in full will be something like this: jackie chan, dragon, movie, hd, long
  6. Hit the Search button and see what’s coming out in the result.

Can you find the video that you are looking for using this advance YouTube search command? Let me know in the comment below.


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