5 Dominating marketing trends in 2019

5 Dominating marketing trends in 2019 1
5 Dominating marketing trends in 2019

With the year 2019 in its full bloom, there are various developments especially in the field of marketing that are continuously changing the world as we know it. Marketing strategies and procedures have evolved tremendously over time and still changing in reference to the market trends.


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Strategies such as email marketing that used to be the bread and butter of marketers might not be that effective in the present world.

Therefore, it is important that we keep a keen eye on the latest trends, which can transform our marketing strategy into a more effective one. Trying non-conventional approaches and trends these days can provide your brand or company with the traction it requires. 

If you want to gain an advantage over your competitors, you need to prepare yourself to adopt and implement the latest trends before they do. That is why we have narrowed down five marketing trends that will help you increase your visibility and presence in the current year: 

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1. Interactive visual content

We observed a great boom of video marketing in the past decade and this trend is continuously growing as people have started preferring visual media that sits in better with their busy routines. This year we are seeing major changes in the way people consume video content. Yes, we are talking about interactive videos here. 

The modern trends are all about interactive and explorative content with offerings such as 360-Degree videos. Washington Post was one of the early adopters of this technique when they impressed their audiences by uploading a 360-Degree video on their YouTube channel. You can view the entire area shown in the video by clicking the navigational button placed on the top left corner of the video. Interactive videos might require a creative effort but they offer the element of personalization, which allows you to bond well with your audiences. 

Interactive videos can be used for several purposes like: 

  • For effective email campaign in which immersive content can be added
  • Benefit your website by including a video that describes the crux effectively
  • Social media presence can be enhanced by giving the audiences tailored tastes to their likings
  • Making your blogs all the more interactive and informative

360-Degree videos perform better than regular videos. Moreover, they increase the chances of people clicking through your videos thus giving you the opportunity to earn a better ROI. Research suggests that a wide majority of the US citizens prefer interactive video content in comparison to the previous techniques. 70% of the overall influencers noticed that interactive video content has affected their business positively. All these reasons indicate that you need to include such interactive content in your marketing efforts.



IGTV is the latest standalone video application introduced by Instagram. It was introduced back in June 2018 and was designed to target the major chunk of mobile users. The app aims to target the traffic that visits YouTube frequently and has been pretty successful in doing that so far. A major difference is that IGTV videos are mostly vertical because they are generally created using a mobile camera. 

IGTV works as television as the video starts playing the moment you open the app and you can switch between videos by various contributors similar to how you switch channels while watching TV. 

Instagram has taken the social media world by storm and its users are continuously increasing since 2010. If you succeed in forming a formidable presence on Instagram and then attract even a fraction of your Instagram users towards the IGTV channel, this app can prove itself invaluable for your marketing campaigns. 


3. Modified and tailored recommendations / suggestions

Sophisticated Artificial intelligence algorithms have made it possible to tailor up personalized suggestions using the search history of the user. Personalized suggestions are tailored by keeping user interests in view that can affect your sales tremendously. 

This isn’t a new trend and many have been following it, but this area will see further refinement in the coming years. Recommendations will be more precise and focused than before. 

5 Dominating marketing trends in 2019 3
Consumers survey

The above graph shows that Millennials support this trend and actually probe the suggestions provided. The millennials are just one such example. The majority of masses want offerings which encompass an element of personalization to suit their needs. 


4. Mobile payments

If your brand has not introduced the facility of mobile payment then it is high time you get it implemented in the system. We have entered the era of digital payments and transactions. People prefer these facilities as almost everything can be managed from the comfort of your home. Make sure that you are facilitating your customers through such payment methods as it also offers an incentive for them to spend on your respective offerings. Research suggests that digital payment methods are rapidly expanding including the shift of the market consumers towards such commodities. 

The below-provided numbers will further facilitate our claim.

5 Dominating marketing trends in 2019 5
Mobile pay trend

It is quite evident in the above graph that the trend towards mobile payment is continuously growing. It provides the facility to pay for goods and services directly from your mobile apps. Enormous organizations like Starbucks have developed apps and systems that enable customers to pay for their coffees at the storefront without taking any cash out of their wallets. Alternative payment methods are also facilitating mobile payments. Stats show that 440 million users across the world utilized contactless paying options in 2018 like Google pay or Apple pay, etc. 

As such modes of payment increase, so will the requirement for better internet facilities. ISP’s can consider this as the perfect opportunity to increase their consumer base. Major companies like Cox and AT&T are rebranding their segments to promote mobile payments. Cox Communication Las Vegas is among the pioneers of introducing mobile payments among various ISP’s. 


5. Beacon technology

You all must be wondering what in God’s name is Beacon Technology. Well, beacon technology is quite similar to how a GPS works and isn’t exactly a complex phenomenon. The retail industry is integrating beacon technology to target its audience. This is how it works:

Firstly, businesses will motivate you to download their mobile apps. Once the app is installed in your phones, it allows them to track down your location. Whenever an app user walks into the store, beacon technology allows the businesses to know the exact location of the customer within the store, the section of the store they are exploring and the type of products they interact with. 

It lets you probe into the interest of the customer and brands, in particular, can benefit from such data as they focus those interests for customized promotions. 

These trends are being upgraded and implemented in the market rapidly. Companies can utilize these to reform their marketing campaigns for higher returns and visibility. The best approach is to use the latest developments at your disposal to stand above the rest of the crowd. Only then can you ensure success for your business and yourself in return. 

This is a guest post by Robert James.

Robert James is an MIS with a vast experience and research on personal and home security tech and gadgets. He is an MMA Fighter and Technology enthusiast with a will to act. Tech Writer and Researcher with a flare to review the latest security tech and gadgets.


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