11 Tips for creating a brilliant logo for your startups

Create a brilliant logo for your startup
Create a brilliant logo for your startup / Markus Spiske / Unsplash

The logo is the visual graphic representation of a company, an organization, an individual or a product. It is particularly essential for startups and new bloggers. If you have no idea how to create a good logo,  you can learn some tips and logo inspiration from this post.


Disclosure: This is a guest post and the author’s views here do not necessarily reflect those of the blog owner.

Making a professional logo does not have to be expensive. Twitter and Nike both spent less than $ 40 on their logo. As a small business owner, you probably do not have a huge budget to hire a large design firm?

At this stage, you need to get yourself:

  • To get known by the audience;
  • To be recognized for the customers;
  • To be distinguished from the competitive brands;

And here your logo and your communication come into play. The more people see your logo and more:

  • He manages to memorize it;
  • He will be able to identify you;
  • He will remember you.

You will create in them the perception of being a professional, serious, solid and trustworthy reality.

Making it visible and memorized by people, it is better to use your logo in all your corporate communication, both digital and traditional.

Digital communication: The insertion of the logo in this area of communication goes into the following spaces: E-mail, Website, Online advertising, Video, and Social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.).

Traditional communication: Outside the web, instead, it is correct to make it appear in: Business cards, shopper bag, Flyers, Leaflet, Folding, Price list, and Paper header.

Ok, we have seen what the logo is, how and where you can promote it and what it is for, but, before being able to show it and memorize it for the users, you have to design it and realize it. Below we list 11 tips to design a logo and make it:

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Tips for creating a brilliant logo for your startups

1. Know your brand well

Answer the following information before designing a logo:

  • What kind of activity do you have (company, association, freelancer);
  • What you do or your business (products, services);
  • How your products or services help people;
  • What sets you apart from your competition, what you do better than them, and what makes you unique?
  • Who’s the typical customer that you want to reach? Consider these characteristics.
    • Age
    • Sex
    • Religion
    • Nationality
  • What’re your brand values?
  • What’re your goals?
  • Where do you want to offer your services?

You need this data to come up with ideas for names, words and symbols that can be linked to your brand. Furthermore, this analysis will help you better understand your typical customer and preferences.

2. Analyze your competitors 

Study what they did to them, how they present themselves and what they chose.

Studying the enemy gives you several advantages because:

  • It can be an inspiration to you;
  • You will know their logos and you will be able to distinguish yourself;
  • You can be sure not to copy without realizing it.

3. Create a mindmap 

You will get lots of ideas from the above two tips. Write down all points that come to your mind and generate mind maps. This will allow you to arrange and combine different ideas. 

4. Take your mind from the designing task to have a rest

Just have a rest for your brain. Continued brainstorming would not be so high-effective to the works. You might get some inspiration from a break.

5. To be unique

A logo must be unique, even though some might imitate some famous brand logo to get more traffic. 

Copying is perceived as unprofessional. If your logo is regarded as copied, the lack of trust that the customer will have in you will be reflected in the whole activity.

Apart from the negative publicity, then, if you copy a logo or use a template logo (template) from one of the many online services, the risk of your business being confused with another is high.

6. Choose your logo colours carefully 

In considering the personality of the brand, it would be better to try to choose the right colour that reflects every aspect of your brand. The choice of colours in a logo has an enormous weight because colours are often synonymous with emotions.

Evaluate who you refer to (age, sex and origin) and what emotions you want to evoke in him.

Here are some of the characteristics that the most common colour represented.

  • Red: energetic, sexy and bold;
  • Orange: creative, friendly and young;
  • Yellow: sunny, inventive and optimistic;
  • Green: growing, creative and instructive;
  • Blue: professional, health-related, quiet and reliable;
  • Purple: spiritual, wise and evocative;
  • Black: credible and powerful;
  • White: simple, clean and pure;
  • Pink: fun and feminine;
  • Brown: rural, historical and traditional.

7. Create a customized font

Using pre-existing fonts increases the possibility of copying or creating a logo similar to something that already exists. If you want to use existing fonts for budget or time reasons, try to change some fonts to make the font different.

8. Avoid using too many fonts.

It is better to apply no more than two fonts on your logo

9. Simplicity

Simple logos are those that people can recognize as soon as they see them because they are easy to remember. Especially if they are shapes or silhouettes of things we already know.

10. Ask your friends  

It may be useful to ask for an opinion from your friends, who are not joining the project. Often ideas of an outsider can be handy.

11. Inspiration and resources to make a logo

There is massive logo-making templates resources and logo-making program you can find on the internet. 

If you want to try this kind of platform, take DesignEvo as an example to show how online logo makers work.

  1. Before going to your logo designing, this application would require you to register an account. And then just give click on the button “Make a Free Logo” to land on the template page.
  2. Customize your logo. Besides ample template and icon resources, fonts are enough to use. It is the user’s turn to unlock their creativity and redesign a unique logo.
  3. Preview the logo before downloading.

Final words

That’s all!  Hope you would get something from these tips. And If you have ideas or a proposal for creating a good logo, do not hesitate to leave a comment.

This is a guest post by Rita Fong.

Rita is a technology worm who willing to receive interesting technology news and share creative technology news. She loves to learn graphics technology but she is not a designer.


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