Watch Astro TV shows online legally

Astro Gempak
Astro Gempak

Here’s how to watch Astro TV shows online legally. You can watch popular Astro TV shows, movies, dramas, and many more. All sources provided here are official from Astro.


The following is the list of where to watch Astro TV shows online. There are paid and free options. You can only stream live Astro if you are a paid subscriber. Otherwise, use the free option as follows.

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Watch Astro TV shows online legally

All the apps and sources are genuinely provided by Astro. So, you will be able to use them without worry of them being blocked by Astro.

1. AstroGo (Paid/Free)

You can watch Astro movies and dramas using AstroGo app. To use AstroGo, you need to create an account and it is totally free.

  • For Windows PC: Go to
  • For Android device: Download AstroGo from Play Store.
  • For IOS device: Download AstroGo from Apple Store.

Once the app is downloaded, complete the registration and you are good.

2. Astro YouTube channel (Free)

Astro has created many YouTube channels for their movies, TV shows, dramas and telemovies which already aired on their channel. This is my favourite Astro YouTube channel to watch some of their videos.

3. Astro Gempak website (Free)

Basically, almost all Astro videos uploaded to their YouTube channel above are available on their official website, Astro Gempak. All of the videos can be access from the video category.

These are the only legal options that I can think of. Yes, they are limited channels available for free. But be sure, those links are official from Astro and you do not need to worry about watching them and being blocked.

If you have any other (legal) way to watch Astro online, let me know in the comment. So, I can share with everyone.

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