NJOI welcomes you back!

NJOI welcomes you back!
NJOI welcomes you back! email from Astro

I just received an email from Astro “NJOI welcomes you back!”. It looks like Astro is reaching out to their ex-subscribers and offering to re-activate Astro account for a contract-free NJOI with no monthly bills.

A few days back, I received a text message on my phone from Astro telling me that they are opening all 49 TV and radio channels, and more info are coming to my email or their agent will call me soon. So today, when I check my email, I saw this:


NJOI welcomes you back!

Hello there,

Let’s NJOI! We are opening all 49 TV & Radio channels for you on NJOI. Please ensure you have all these equipment in functioning condition:

  1. Astro decoder
  2. Smartcard
  3. Remote control
  4. Outdoor dish unit

Then, SMS to 66688 : NAKNJOI<space>12 Digit SMARTCARD NUMBER.

We will activate the NJOI account for you from our end and we will notify you once that has been done. Give us about 3 – 4 working days to do so.

Shall you have any inquiries about this offer, please call 1 300 82 9888.

Unlike Astro’s subscription, NJOI is totally free of contract and has no monthly bills. You have the control of your entertainment needs, purchase additional channels or packs whenever you want. More info about NJOI and its offering, please visit www.njoi.com.my.

Please note that this offer has limited spots and we will entertain based on first come first serve basis.

As stated in the email above, I need to have all 4 items in a working condition to be able to enjoy this offer. Luckily, I still keep them.

So, what does this mean is, if I don’t have all this thing, all these will cost me RM405 (at the time of writing this post). This price includes 6% of service tax and RM100 of installation fee.

NJOI Prepaid channels and packages

There are 49 Free Channels – 29 TV and 20 Radio channels* (as of Oct 2017).

iNjoiCH 100TV1CH 101
TV2CH 102TV3CH 103
Astro PrimaCH 105Astro OasisCH 106
NTV7CH 107TV AlHijrahCH 114
Astro GO SHOPCH 118TV9CH 119
Astro Maya HDCH 135TViCH 180
Astro VanaavilCH 201Makkal TVCH 203
Astro Xi Yue HDCH 300Astro AECCH 301
iViewCH 302Astro GO SHOPCH 318
Celestial Classics MoviesCH 321Astro Xiao Tai YangCH 325
CCTV4CH 334Astro AwaniCH 501
Bernama TVCH 502Astro Tutor TVCH 601
Astro Tutor TV PMRCH 602Astro TV SPMCH 603
8TVCH 708Astro ArenaCH 801

Using NJOI Now apps

I also can watch using NJOI Now apps which is available for Android and iOS.

  1. Download NJOI Now apps for free from Google Play or App Store.
  2. Register an account or link my decoder account.
  3. Validate the registration through email.
  4. Log in and watch for free.

That’s it.

If you read my post about how and why I terminate my Astro account, you should know that I was very disappointed with Astro. Not just their technical service, their customer service on Facebook page has also a similar level of disappointment.

However, with NJOI Prepaid, it looks slightly makes sense now. I can watch all the channels listed above for free. And if I want to watch premium content, I can buy the NJOI Prepaid from selected outlets or online banking at any time.

Have you received the email? If you have anything to share, just let me know in the comment below.

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