How to activate Astro Disney+ Hotstar account

How to activate Astro Disney+ Hotstar account 1
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Learn how to activate Disney+ Hotstar account with your Astro subscription and start streaming via Astro Ultra Box. Continue reading to find out how you can activate access to Disney+ Hotstar and start watching movies without additional charge.


Basically, if you’re already subscribed to Astro Movies Pack and have Ultra Box at home, your account already includes Disney+ Hotstar and HBO Go. So you can activate it anytime and start watching right away. The following is the complete instruction on how to activate Disney+ Hotstar account access.

Astro is an official distributor of Disney+ Hotstar in Malaysia, and customers can now subscribe to Disney+ Hotstar through the new, bigger and better Movies Pack.

Customers with a Movies subscription via Movies, Premium 1, Premium 3 and Platinum packs will be able to access Disney+ Hotstar on the Ultra box.


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How to activate Astro Disney+ Hotstar account

Follow below step-by-step instructions to activate your Disney+ Hotstar account within Astro. You’ll need your smartphone and turn on your TV.

  1. On your smartphone, go to
  2. Click I’m an existing Astro customer.
  3. Log in with your Astro ID and password.
  4. Key in your mobile number.
  5. Check I agree to Disney+ Hotstar terms.
  6. Click Proceed.
  7. Wait for your OTP.
  8. Key in the OTP and click Verify.
  9. On your remote control, press the Home button.
  10. Click the Disney+ Hotstar app icon.
  11. Click to start playing any videos.
  12. You will see a 4-digit code appear on your TV screen.
  13. On your smartphone, go to
  14. Log in with the mobile number that you used in step 4 above.
  15. Enter the 4-digit code for activation and click Continue.
  16. Enter the 4-digit code on the Disney+ Hotstart app in step 12 above.
  17. You will receive a notification that you’re logged in via your TV.
  18. Click Start Watching.
  19. Now your Disney+ Hotstar account is activated.

That’s it, done. Don’t know what to watch? You can go to Astro Movies Pack page to see the detail offer in this package.

If you have any questions, let me know in the comment below.


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