List of Netflix secret codes to search by genre

Netflix secret codes
Netflix War Movies genre

Do you know you can search Netflix by genre? It is possible, but you need to search using Netflix secret codes. Here is the list of most popular Netflix secret codes to help you find new content on Netflix.


I’ve been using Netflix for a while now, however, to find new content is a little bit hard. Don’t you think so?

Luckily, you can browse Netflix using their “secret” codes to find genre-specific content. Let me show you how to do it.

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How to use Netflix secret codes

  1. Open any internet browser.
  2. Go to Netflix and sign into your account.
  3. Type into the address bar.
  4. Replace secret-codes with one of the genre-specific codes defined in the table below.
  5. Press Enter.

List of Netflix secret codes

Every secret code represent specific genre. To make it easier for you, just click on any of the following code and you’ll be redirected to the page:

(Or you can copy paste the code into the address bar as mentioned in the above steps. Really. It’s up to you.)

Action and Adventure1365
Action Comedies43040
Action Sci-Fi & Fantasy1568
Action Thrillers43048
Art House Movies29764
Asian Action Movies77232
B-Horror Movies8195
Biographical Documentaries3652
Biographical Dramas3179
British Movies10757
Children & Family Movies783
Chinese Movies3960
Classic Action & Adventure46576
Classic Comedies31694
Classic Movies31574
Classic Musicals32392
Classic War Movies48744
Comic Book and Superhero Movies10118
Crime Action & Adventure9584
Cult Comedies9434
Dark Comedies869
Dramas based on Books4961
Dramas Based on Real Life3653
Education for Kids10659
Emotional Movies4136
Experimental Movies11079
Fantasy Movies9744
Film Noir7687
Food & Travel TV72436
Gangster Movies31851
Horror Comedy89585
Imaginative Fantasy2384
Indian Movies10463
Independent Dramas384
Japanese Movies10398
Korean Movies5685
Korean TV Shows67879
Kids’ TV27346
Martial Arts Movies8985
Military Action & Adventure2125
Mind-Bending Movies1089
Movies Based on Children’s Books10056
Period Pieces12123
Psychological Thrillers5505
Quirky Romance36103
Reality TV9833
Romantic Favorites502675
Romantic Dramas1255
Romantic Comedies5475
Sci-Fi Adventure6926
Sci-Fi and Fantasy1492
Sci-Fi Dramas3916
Sci-Fi Horror Movies1694
Showbiz Comedies3706
Slapstick Comedies10256
Social Issue Dramas3947
Sports Comedies5286
Sports Dramas7243
Sports Documentaries180
Sports Movies4370
Spy Action and Adventure10702
Stand-up Comedy11559
Supernatural Horror Movies42023
Teen Dramas9299
TV Cartoons11177
TV Comedies10375
TV Shows83
War Movies3373
Netflix genre-specific codes

Do you familiar with Netflix “secret” codes or genre-specific codes? Let me know in the comment if this post helps you to discover new content on Netflix faster than before.

And you are most welcome to share any of Netflix secret codes in the comment below. I’ll update the table accordingly.


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