How to transfer files using Wifi Direct on Android

Wifi direct
Wifi direct

Learn how to transfer files using Wifi Direct on Android device. You can use Wifi Direct to connect any two or more Android devices and transfer any files at blazing fast speed.


Wifi Direct uses a similar protocol as Wifi Protected Setup (WPS), meaning two devices can connect with each other without requiring any additional hardware as both devices act as an access point.

Transferring file using Wifi Direct has no size limit, basically, you can send anything that you can select and share via the Android share menu such as media files from your gallery or from your private file, as long as the receiver has enough memory to receive and store it.

If you’re going to connect two Android devices from a different manufacturer, this method might not work. However, you can use third-party apps that work flawlessly.

All those third-party apps are utilizing Wifi Direct function on Android devices and works in the same manner, I’d recommend ShareIt or SuperBeam.

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Transfer files using Wifi Direct on Android

  1. Enable Wifi Direct on the other device which is going to receive the file. You can find it under Settings or Wifi Settings.
  2. On your device, depending on what you are going to share, go to the folder and select the file you are going to send, tap and hold to select.
  3. Once the file is selected, tap on the Share button, or the three dots menu to open the share option.
  4. Among the options, tap on Wifi Direct option to enable the function and your device will start scanning the other device and will list down all the devices that have Wifi Direct enabled.
  5. From the list of the available device, find your other device and tap on the device name. An invitation will be sent to the other device to establish a connection.
  6. On the other device, select Connect to accept the invitation and start connecting through Wifi Direct.
  7. The file transfer will start, depending on your device, the speed will vary between 50 to 150Mbps.
  8. Once the transfer is finished, don’t forget to disable the Wifi Direct function on both devices. Done.

Have you ever use Wifi Direct function on your phone? Does this post help you? Let me know in the comment below.


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