How to set up IPTV in Kodi to watch live TV

How to set up IPTV in Kodi to watch live TV 1
PVR IPTV Simple Client

Learn how to watch live TV in Kodi. With the help of PVR IPTV Simple Client add-on, which supports M3U playlist and streaming Live TV, you’ll be able to set up IPTV in Kodi to watch live TV.


I’m assuming you already have Kodi installed on your Android TV box or smartphone. The other things you need are the M3U playlist URL and the EPG URL from the service provider.

M3U Playlist URL is used to stream the live TV while the EPG URL is used for the channel guide. You can get both URLs from the service provider if you are using paid service.

Otherwise, you can find lots of free channel M3U playlist URL and EPG URL on the internet for free. If you can’t find both, at least you must have the M3U playlist URL.

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How to set up IPTV in Kodi to watch live TV

To watch live TV in Kodi, you have to install a Kodi add-on called PVR IPTV and then you need to add the M3U playlist to it. The following is the step-by-step instruction on how to get this done.

1. Install PVR IPTV Simple Client Kodi add-on

Follow these steps to install PVR IPTV Simple Client add-on.

  1. Launch Kodi app.
  2. Select Add-ons.
  3. Select Download.
  4. Select PVR clients.
  5. Select PVR IPTV Simple Client.
  6. Select Install.
  7. Wait for the Add-on installed notification.

Now you have successfully installed the IPTV add-on, continue with the following steps to add M3U URL and EPG URL for the channel list and guide.

2. Add M3U Playlist and EPG URL to PVR IPTV Simple Client

Follow the step by step instruction below to add the M3U playlsit URL and EPG URL.

  1. Select Add-ons.
  2. Select My add-ons.
  3. Select PVR clients.
  4. Select PVR IPTV Simple Client.
  5. Select Configure.
  6. In General tab, select M3U Play List URL.
  7. Enter the M3U URL and select OK.
  8. In EPG Settings tab, select XMLTV URL.
  9. Enter the EPG URL and select OK.
  10. Select OK.
  11. Select OK to restart Kodi.
  12. Restart Kodi.
  13. Select TV to start watching live TV.

Congratulation! Now you can start watching live TV in Kodi.

If you have any free channel M3U playlist URL and the EPG URL, I’d appreciate if you can share with everyone in the comment below.


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