How to uninstall Kodi add-on

Uninstall Kodi add-on
Uninstall Kodi add-on

It is unnecessary to keep too many add-ons in your Kodi app, it can cause your Kodi app to slow down. Here’s a simple instruction to uninstall any add-on on your Kodi app.


Due to the many Kodi add-on come and go, so I think it is essential to keep our Kodi app clean and fast with only the best and legal add-ons. All the expired and abandoned add-on must be uninstalled as fast as you can.

So, let’s get rid some of the unused and abandoned add-ons from your Kodi app. (It’s been so long I didn’t up a post regarding Kodi add-on until recently. Miss the good old days.)

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Steps to uninstall Kodi add-on

Here’s the step by step instruction to uninstall any Kodi add-on.

  1. Launch Kodi app.
  2. Select Add-ons.
  3. Select My add-ons.
  4. Select All.
  5. Find and select the add-on you want to uninstall.
  6. Select Uninstall.
  7. In the pop-up message, select Yes if you want to remove all related data to the add-on. Otherwise, select No.
  8. Wait for the Add-on uninstalled notification.
  9. Done.

Most of the (illegal) Kodi add-ons developer are easily to dissapear causing the add-on to be abandoned. So, to be safe, just keep the active and legal Kodi add-on and you’ll be alright.

Do you have any favourite Kodi add-ons that have been abandoned by the developer? How long you still keep them in your Kodi app? I’m sure as long as the add-on still working, you’ll keep it right?

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