4 Keys to your ICF certification – Explained and demystified

4 Keys to your ICF certification – Explained and demystified 1
International Coach Federation (ICF)

ICF’s certification program attracts a vast range of professionals from across the globe, making ICF communities significant and remarkable. From day one, many ICFs have registered their professional profiles and skill sets, connecting with others in the community and participating in forums or events, with others joining them all the time.


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To become a certified member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), you must first complete an ICF-approved coach training program. Once you have completed your coach training, you must pass the ICF Coaching Examination.

The ICF Coaching Examination is a multiple-choice exam that tests your knowledge of coaching principles and best practices. After successfully passing the examination, you must submit a coaching video and written reflections on your coaching practice for review by the ICF. Once you have essentially met all the requirements, you will be awarded your ICF certification.

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4 Keys to your ICF Certification

  1. Decide on the level of ICF certification you wish to pursue – Associate, Professional, or Master.
  2. Select a coach training program accredited by the ICF.
  3. Complete the required coaching hours and pass the ICF exam.
  4. Maintain your ICF certification through Continuing Coach Education (CCE) requirements.

1. Professional coach training

There are many different types of coach training programs available, so it is important to research to find one that best suits your needs. The training program will give you the skills and knowledge necessary to become a successful professional coach.

The training program is designed to help you develop all the competencies required by the ICF, including coaching presence, powerful questioning, active listening, direct communication, and creating transformative change. You will also learn about the business of coaching, how to market your coaching business, and how to set up your practice.

2. Take your exam and complete your application form

Once you feel confident in your knowledge, register for the exam through the ICF website. You will need to pay a fee and select a testing location. Once registered, you will be given a testing date and time.

Show up to your testing appointment on time with a valid ID. The proctor will provide you with everything you need to take the exam. You will have two hours to complete the exam, so work quickly but carefully. If you finish early, you can review your answers before completing your test.

3. Overcome obstacles of taking the test

A few potential obstacles can stand in your way of taking the test, but they can all be overcome with careful planning. The most common obstacle is insufficient time to prepare for the test. The best way to actively overcome this is to prepare as soon as possible. It is recommended to give yourself at least two months to study for the exam.

Another potential obstacle is not being familiar with the format of the test. The best way to overcome this is to take a practice test. This will help you get acclimated to the types of questions that will be asked on the actual exam.

Another obstacle some people face is feeling overwhelmed by all the material they need to know for the test. The best way to actively overcome this is to break down the material into small, manageable sections to study so you can focus better. Taking baby steps is the way to reduce anxiety and not get overwhelmed. Make sure to set aside time each day to study so you don’t get overwhelmed.

4. Earning CPE continuing education credits

Several ways to earn CPE credits include attending workshops and conferences, taking courses, and reading books and articles on coaching-related topics. Many of these activities can be done online, which makes it easier for busy coaches to stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the field.



The ICF certification process can be complex, but it doesn’t have to be. By understanding the four key focus areas for ICF certification, you can simplify the process and ensure you’re on track for success.


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