What are the benefits of mobile data collection?

What are the benefits of mobile data collection? 1
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As part of the mobile data collection method, information is collected using mobile apps to gather digitally. In addition to offering a resilient, flexible, and simple system, mobile data collection also integrates with existing systems within the organization.


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Mobile apps enable enterprises to collect a wide variety of quantitative and qualitative data. By ensuring that the data is uploaded instantly to the platform server, the mobile data collection app streamlines data collection, reducing the need to manually gather it with a pen and paper. Data is then stored in a database that can be analyzed further to draw insights from the data.

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Benefits of mobile data collection

Mobile data collection has several advantages over paper for individuals who collect non-qualitative data on the go.

Lower prices

Switching from paper to electronic can result in significant savings (71%, according to one World Bank research). For you, handling (and photocopying and storing) paper is a costly activity. Electronic data collection often removes these costs and results in significant savings.

If you’re not careful, you might spend your funds on programmers or technology consultants, and your savings would be wasted due to consultation fees, pay, and other personnel-related expenditures.

Mobile data collecting solutions, such as Magpi, allow current workers to set up and manage the device without specific technical experience can deliver the most cost savings.

More secure storage and backup

Paper can be lost, damaged, or mismanaged in various ways, which might cause issues later on if the data has to be reaccessed. Digital mobile data may be readily and cheaply saved, duplicated, backed up, and, if necessary, encrypted for future secure access.

The method is user-friendly because the programming helps the enumerator through the interview. They may spend less time ensuring that all of the necessary questions are asked, allowing them to focus on other areas of the discussion. This advantage will be more noticeable as the criteria for asking a question are more intricate.

Increase speed

Mobile data collecting removes or lowers the need for time-consuming data collection processes. This strategy reduces field data gathering time and the time necessary for data interpretation and assessment.

Because real-time data is promptly uploaded, managers may be informed when further information becomes available or action is required. A faster turnaround time is necessary to allow a more significant reaction to challenges on the ground.

Data integrity

Mobile data gathering enables extensive customization and incorporates several quality assurance techniques. As a result, it not only limits the chance of error at the moment of the collection but also filters the data.

Furthermore, mobile data-gathering technologies validate data supplied during an interview, reducing the possibility of input mistakes. It also enhances data transparency and visibility, lowering the danger of data leaks.

Process flexibility in collection

The flexibility of mobile forms makes it possible for adjustments and edits to be made at any time in order to capture accurate information. The process of modifying printed forms is often complex and impossible, and reprinting the forms is costly.

Backup and safekeeping

It is possible to misplace, lose, or destroy paper forms, causing problems. A digital format, however, allows for the easy saving, cloning, and encryption of data to avoid unwanted access. There are several ways of storing data for safe backup in the event of a disaster or data loss (servers or computers).


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