How to hide the scrollbar in Google Chrome

How to hide the scrollbar in Google Chrome 1
Overlay Scrollbars in Google Chrome

This is the easiest and efficient way to hide the scrollbar in Google Chrome. With this method, the scrollbar in Chrome will be hidden while you’re not using it. Only a small bar appears when you scroll the page.


Sometimes, the scrollbar can disturb the look of the web page. When you press F11 to view the web page in full screen, the scrollbar will still be visible. Personally, I don’t like to see the scrollbar eat up the space on my laptop screen.

Fortunately, there’s an easy way to disable the scrollbar without the need of using any 3rd party plugin. Let’s dive in.

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How to hide the scrollbar in Google Chrome

In current Chrome experiments, this feature is called Overlay Scrollbars. You’ll need to enable the Overlay Scrollbars feature to disable or hide the traditional scrollbar.

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Copy and paste chrome://flags/#overlay-scrollbars into the address bar.
  3. Press Enter.
  4. Click to enable the option.
  5. Restart Google Chrome.

Done. You’ve successfully disabled or hide the traditional scrollbar in Google Chrome. Once you restart Google Chrome, you’ll not see the scrollbar anymore. The example of the full-screen view without the scrollbar is as seen at the beginning of this post.

The traditional scrollbar has now been replaced by the overlay scrollbars which will be hidden when you are not scrolling the web page. There’s only a small bar that appeared when you scroll the page.

Hopefully, you’ll find this article useful. If you have anything to ask, just let me know in the comment below.


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