How to add pit stops along the route in Google Maps

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Learn how to add quick pit stops along your route in Google Maps. You can search for any places along your route and add it into your navigation, Google Maps will update your route with the new stops including how much extra time needed to your trip.


Imagine you are in the middle of your trip and wondering if it is possible to add a quick stop along your way. If you are using Google Maps, there is an extra feature for you to add a few stops in the way. You can search for any places near your route and add them to your trip.

When you search for the pit stops, Google Maps will pull all available nearby places together with how much extra time needed to go to the places and if you add the places to your trip, Google Maps will update total time to your trip including with new stops.

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Add pit stops along the route in Google Maps

When you are in the middle of navigation on Google Maps, you can see there is a large search button at the top right corner of the screen.

Tap on the Search button and it will display you a few options such as gas station, restaurants, groceries and coffee shops.

If you tap on each option, Google Maps will pull for you a list of available places and how much time you will be needed to get there together with the rating of the location.

Try searching for places nearby your route, if you know the place, just make a quick and general search.

When you found your preferred place, just tap on that place and you can add to your route. Once added to the route, Google Maps will calculate and update your trip together with the additional time to go the new pit stops.

You can add as many pit stops as you want but the more pit stops added to your trip, the longer the time it will take to reach your destination. Try to add places as close as possible to your route to minimize the additional time added to your trip.


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