How to turn on Game Mode in Windows 10

How to turn on Game Mode in Windows 10 1
Game Mode settings in Windows 10

If you are using your Windows 10 PC for gaming, you should enable this option. It doesn’t make your PC perfect for gaming, but it should be enough to tell your PC that you are using it to play games. Here’s how to turn on Game Mode in Windows 10.


When you use Game Mode, Windows will prioritize your gaming experience by turning things off in the background. When you’re running a game, Game Mode:

  • Prevents Windows Update from performing driver installations and sending restart notifications
  • Helps achieve a more stable frame rate depending on the specific game and system

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How to turn on Game Mode in Windows 10

When Game Mode is On, Windows optimizes your PC for play and manages resources to ensure you enjoy the optimum frame rate.

  1. Press Windows key.
  2. Type setting and hit Enter.
  3. In the search box, enter game mode.
  4. Select Game Mode settings.
  5. Switch Game Mode option to On.

Note: This option usually is turned on by default.


Bonus tip: Install DirectX 12 to boost Windows 10 for gaming

  1. Press Windows key.
  2. Type windows powershell and hit Enter.
  3. Type dxdiag and hit Enter.
  4. Wait until DirectX Diagnostic Tool window appear.
  5. Look for DirectX Version, make sure it shows DirectX 12.

If you don’t have DirectX 12 installed, update your Windows 10 from Windows update option.

  1. Press Windows key.
  2. Type settings and hit Enter.
  3. Select Update & Security.
  4. Select Windows Update.
  5. Click Check for update.
  6. Once updates downloaded, update your Windows.

DirectX 12 will automatically optimize many settings in Windows 10 for gaming.

Windows 10 is a great OS for gamers. Do you use your Windows 10 PC for playing games?


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