How to hide Last Seen status on WhatsApp

WhatsApp Last Seen and Online status
WhatsApp Last Seen and online status / WhatsApp

Taking your privacy to the next level? Your privacy is just a few simple steps away. This is how you can hide WhatsApp “Last Seen” status whether you’re on Android or iOS. This method will be done through WhatsApp privacy settings.


Last Seen and online tell you the last time your contacts were using WhatsApp, or if they’re online.

  • If you don’t share your last seen, you won’t be able to see other people’s last seen.
  • There is no way to hide when you are online or typing.
  • If you turn off read receipts, you won’t be able to see read receipts from other people. Read receipts are always sent for group chats.
  • If a contact has disabled read receipts, you will not be able to see that they have viewed your status update.

If it’s fair to you, let’s dive in.

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How to hide Last Seen status on WhatsApp

  1. Open WhatsApp app.
  2. Tap on three-vertical dots to go to Settings.
  3. Select Account.
  4. Select Privacy.
  5. Under Who can see my personal info, tap on Last Seen.
  6. You can choose who can see your Last Seen:
    • Everyone
    • My contacts
    • Nobody

Now, your Last Seen status will only be visible to the selected contact or group depending on which option you chose in the above steps. The visibility of the last seen status can make a huge difference to your contact list. This will show your availability to be reached or be able to read their message.


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