How to root Android device without a computer

How to root Android device without a computer 1

Learn how to root almost any Android device without a computer. This is the easiest method to root your Android device. In this post, you will learn how to root your Android device without a computer using the famous KingRoot app — a simple one-click root tool for Android devices.


Basically, by rooting your Android device, you will get Super User permission and the privilege to gain access to full control over your device. With a “rooted” Android device, you can customize almost anything from blocking ads, removing bloatware to speeding up your device, or conserve battery more effectively.

Disclaimer: I will not be held responsible if any undesirable outcomes may happen to your device, use of this root guide is solely at your own risk!

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How to root Android device without a computer

  1. Enable security setting for unknown sources. (below instruction is for Samsung Galaxy Note 3)
    • On your device, go to Settings
    • Go to General tab and tap on Security
    • Find Unknown sources — to allow installation of an application from both trusted and unknown source, and check the box on its right to enable it.
  2. Download KingRoot without PC APK on your Android device.
    • Open any internet browser on your device
    • Search for Kingroot One Click Root APK or click this link to go the official download page
    • Download the latest KingRoot APK
  3. Install KingRoot without PC app on your Android device.
    • Once the download completed, you can see it under the notification, click on it
    • Under the System installation screen, tap Install to begin installation
    • Once the installation is complete, tap the Open button to startup KingRoot
  4. The next screen brings you to a purify screen tap on Try it to enter the main interface, and tap Get now button to begin the rooting process.
  5. In the next screen, you will see a percentage running, that means that the installation is taking place. At this point in time, do not turn off your device.

Note: During the rooting process, your device will reboot several times so do not be alarmed. Once the implementation process is completed you will be returned to the main screen.

Finally, go to google play store to download and install a RootChecker app or click this link and click on verify root to see if root has succeeded.


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