Welcome to my “About us” page. In this page you will get to know me, Barzrul, the awesome founder, the creative chief-in-editor and the only writer (as of writing this page) for Barzrul.com, my technology-oriented blog. This page is about me and my blog in which become “About us”.

About me

First and foremost, I would like to introduce myself. My full name is Norahmad Barzrul, my half name is Barzrul and my nickname is Bard, I am Malaysian and currently living in Malaysia. That’s it, enough with the introduction!

Just kidding…

I am an engineer by weekday, a full-time husband and a father of one little cute princess. I currently enjoy living in a very happy family. I like to read, learn and share everything related to technology. That’s it, enough is enough!

Nah, I’m not kidding, really that’s it about me 🙂

About my blog

I started Barzrul.com technology blog in April 2015. As the title suggest, it is my online playground and a platform for me to share the knowledge or to educate my fellow friends and readers in my own personal awesome way which will be based on my experience or my thorough study on any specific topic.

I humbly write and provide articles in the following subjects include but not limited to how-to guides, tutorials, tips, tricks, reviews, opinions, deals, and coupons.

Contact me

If you have any idea and want me to write an article regarding any specific topic, please send me your suggestions and ideas through our contact page. I will reply and let you know as soon as I can.

Last but not least, thank you for visiting and hope you enjoy reading articles on this blog.