Yoodo review: What I like and dislike about Yoodo mobile plan

Yoodo review: What I like and dislike about Yoodo mobile plan 1

Yoodo has only one plan, and that plan is created by you. Basically, Yoodo is a combination of prepaid and postpaid plan. They have all the functionality and monthly features of a postpaid plan, combined with all the flexibility and easy payment options of a prepaid plan.

It’s easy to get started with Yoodo. Just go to their website or download their app, customize your mobile plan and order the SIM. Once your receive the SIM, activate it and you are good. If you’re not happy, cancel and leave anytime with no cancellation fees.


Yoodo mobile plan

Yoodo mobile plan is simple, you only pay for you need. Which means, you can customize your mobile plan. Yeah, it’s kinda one of it kind currently in Malaysia.

The basic data plan is RM30/month which includes 5GB internet and 50mins voice call. However, you have an option to include few addons like:

  • Facebook: 20GB for RM5/month
  • YouTube: 20GB for RM10/month
  • Instagram: 20GB for RM5/month
  • WhatsApp: 20GB for RM5/month
  • Netflix: 20GB for RM10/month
  • Twitter: 20GB for RM5/month

(All of the above are only available for basic data plan)

What I like about Yoodo

1. Customize plan: I like the plan very much. I can customize the plan according to my usage pattern.

2. Network coverage: Yoodo run under Celcom network which has the widest 4G coverage in Malaysia. When you go to Yoodo website to check their network coverage, the link is pointed to the Celcom Coverage Checker.

3. Internet speed: I’m getting 25Mbps in average. I can get as low as 3Mbps to as high as 100Mbps. Not everyone will get the same speed. Few factors you are not getting the speed are:

  • smartphone: support 4G, 4G LTE Cat 4, Cat 6, or 4G +
  • location: not all location have the same speed
  • time: it can be that area is congested with Yoodo or Celcom users

4. Yoodo app: Yoodo has a clean app with great interface for Android and iOS. It is easy to use. I can change my mobile plan easily with the app.

5. Phone compatibility: Yoodo is supported on both latest version of Android and iOS system. Works on any smartphone with standard band.

6. Support community: They have an active support community that willing to help each other.

What I don’t like about Yoodo

1. Internet quota: Yes, I can customize the plan. However, I prefer unlimited data plan. That’s the only reason I still stuck with Webe (now Unifi Mobile 99).

Final verdict

Yoodo mobile plan is an interesting and affordable plan. Their network coverage and custom plan are a big advantage over other plans from other telcos.

However, the rule of thumbs are to make sure the network coverage and the speed at your area and other place that you frequently visit.

Do you think you can customize Yoodo mobile plan to suit your usage pattern? Let just share your experience with me in the comment below.

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