Unique iPad gadget for foosball players

iPad Foosball
unique iPad gadget for foosball players

Gadgets are an essential part of everyday life, no matter if you are using them to make your work easier or you are simply having fun. Today is extremely hard to imagine a life without them, especially if we can connect them to our smartphones.


Disclosure: This is a guest post and the author’s views here do not necessarily reflect those of the blog owner.

Today, I have a real treat for people who have iPads and it is connected to the best the table game in history. Yes, I am talking about foosball. I love, foosball, but the table for the table football is just too big and too heavy to carry it around. The best way to combine the rod spinning satisfaction and the light portability is to make a gadget which is basically a foosball table for your tablet.

People in New Potato Technologies managed to combine a real mini foosball table with the foosball applications for iOS devices. Well, not every iOS device, their main focus was the iPad. They developed a stand for your iPad which looks like a real foosball table.


Classic match foosball

When you look at the stand you will notice that it has 4 legs, a table surface, 8 rods and 2 scoring systems (in blue and red) – everything you need in a foosball table. The only thing the stand doesn’t have is the field, but that is why it is a stand for the iPad. Use the foosball application called Classic Match Foosball to connect your iPad and the foosball stand so you can experience real-life foosball on your iPad.

To control the foosmen on the application, use the rods on the table and, I must warn you, the rods are very sensitive. Their reaction time is impressive and the moment you move the rod, in reality, you will move the rods on the application as well. The game and the gadget work flawlessly because they are both compatible with each other so don’t even bother trying to play on the stand with some other app. If you manage to start the app, you won’t be able to control the app’s rods with the real ones. That is actually not important because the app is free for download.

Another feature I find very useful is the built-in USB port which you can use to charge the iPad. That means that you can play the game for hours without worrying about the empty battery.

Now, the gadget is pretty impressive but it is not perfect. For example, there are some minor problems in the design. The rods on the stand and the rods on the app aren’t in line. There is maybe half an inch away from each other, but it is not a big disadvantage because you can adjust to it after few matches.


Two foosball stands

The first Classic Match Foosball stand is compatible with the iPad 1,2 and 3 and since the gadget is a huge hit (and iPads are changing) people in NPT decided to make another stand, compatible with other iPad models like iPad 3,4, Air 1 and Air 2. The second Classic Match Foosball has built-in Bluetooth and some other features the first one has, but the gaming experience is the same.



I can’t find any big disadvantage for this gadget. I think it is one amazing product for the price and purpose. The Classic Match Foosball is an impressive gadget that can keep you entertained for hours. You can play it with your family and your friends. It is easy to transport and everything you need for it is an iPad and the Classic Match Foosball application, which you can download from the Apple store.

This is a guest post by Mark.

Mark is a foosball player who has a blog about foosball. He writes everything related to foosball in his blog, including foosball history, records, rules, reviews of foosball tables and parts you need to play foosball. Check out his blog called the Foosball Zone.


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