U Mobile P99 review: Unlimited data with 30GB mobile hotspot

U Mobile Postpaid P99 Unlimited HERO review
U Mobile P99 review – image via U Mobile

This is U Mobile P99 review. This is one of the most attractive plan from U Mobile under Unlimited HERO postpaid plan. This plan offers unlimited data, an upgrade from U Mobile GX50. Let’s see if this is the right mobile postpaid plan for you.

Usually, if I wanted to know whether the plan is suitable for me, I’ll be looking at few specific and important things, for example, the network coverage at where I usually be at, the internet quota, internet speed, and call/SMS rate to name a few.

In this post, I’ll be doing the exact same thing, by looking at those important items to see whether U Mobile P99 is the right choice for you or not. Of course, your choice will be depending on your area and usage pattern as well.


Pros of U Mobile P99 plan

  • No contract
  • Unlimited internet all day
  • 30GB for tethering or mobile hotspot
  • High-speed internet
  • Unlimited call to all network
  • Unlimited data on all apps
  • Free 3GB for roaming

Unlimited HERO P99 is a good plan. It comes with no contract (most of the telcos already offered plan without contract except redONE). With unlimited data and almost everything in this package, it is very attractive.

The unlimited internet data with no speed cap and unlimited call to all network are really my choice. Fyi, I still stick with webe (unifi mobile) until now. I’m not hesitate to use it and don’t have to worry when my data going to deplete. I use it for whatever I want and whenever I need.

Further more, the 30GB mobile hotspot, it’s good enough for moderate surfing and watching videos on Facebook. Unless you’re using it for movie streaming on your 52″ Ultra HD TV.

Cons of U Mobile P99 plan

  • Feels like it is slightly expensive
  • SMS – 10 sen / SMS to any network

Yeah, I think it’s a little bit over price. However, it is the same price as unifi mobile (webe was priced at RM79) current plan. But unifi mobile offers unlimited SMS.

For the SMS, seriously U Mobile, 10 sen / SMS even for this plan? Can you please revise this?

Things to consider

I will always check the coverage before deciding to subscribe to any mobile plan. There is one thing that any telco can guarantee you, it is their network coverage. There is always an area that every telco unable to cover.

I’ve seen so many complaints from U Mobile users, that their network coverage is one of the worst. I also experience the same thing, my wife is using GX50 plan. I’d say, 40% of my frequently visit places in Melaka and Penang, there’s a coverage issue.

Final verdict

Last but not least, it is a good plan but with a little bit over price. The 30GB quota for mobile hotspot is big enough to share your data with anyone. I have no complaint about this plan except the monthly fee is a bit pricey.

Make sure to check their coverage, you can go to U Mobile Coverage Map website by visiting https://www.u.com.my/support/coverage or click this link.

If you have any issue with U Mobile service, I suggest you directly contact them on their Twitter account @umobile.

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