U Mobile P79 review: Unlimited plan with quota

U Mobile Postpaid P79 Unlimited HERO
U Mobile P79 review – image via U Mobile

This is U Mobile Unlimited Hero P79 review. Basically, U Mobile P79 is a previous U Mobile P78 plan with additional RM1. The RM1 that can change everything about how you feel about P79. See also if U Mobile P99 meet your usage.

Unlike P78, U Mobile P79 comes with 20GB internet quota for internet surfing and download. However, the best part is, it offers an unlimited data for all apps under U Mobile Video and Music Onz.


Pros of U Mobile P79 plan

  • High-speed data
  • Unlimited data on all apps
  • Free 1GB for roaming
  • Unlimited calls to all network

Unlimited HERO P79 offers unlimited data for all apps under U Mobile Video and Music Onz. Which means you can stream and listen to music using apps like YouTube, Viu, iflix, Joox, Spotify and many more apps without quota.

P79 plan also offers unlimited call to any networks and 1GB data for roaming in 12 countries.

Cons of U Mobile P79 plan

  • 20GB internet quota
  • 20GB data is too low for the price
  • RM0.10/SMS to any network including U Mobile

Do you think RM79 for 20GB data is sufficent? I don’t think so. Even though U Mobile offers unlimited data on video and music apps, all the surfing and download will be utilized from the 20GB data.

If you are using hotspot or tethering to other device, 20GB data seems enough for activity like surfing, moderate streaming, and downloading.

(I still don’t get it. Why U Mobile can’t provide free SMS to all network like other plans from other telcos…)

Things to consider

When I think about U Mobile, the first thing that will pop-up into my mind is their coverage issue. I think U Mobile is one of the telcos that has the worst coverage.

You might need to check the coverage around your place before subscribing to this plan. You can go to U Mobile Coverage Map website by visiting https://www.u.com.my/support/coverage or click this link.

Final verdict

Personally, 20GB is actually enough for moderate internet user like me. Based on my data usage statistic, I use around 30GB data monthly, this include every activities like surfing and streaming. Plus 5GB of tethering.

But, if you are someone who prone to download movies, dramas, or any videos, I’d say this plan is not for you. Maybe you can try Digi 150 INFINITE which offers unlimited data and tethering.

If you have any issue with U Mobile service, I suggest you can directly contact them on their Twitter account @umobile, they look responsive.

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