How to use Celcom WiFiPlus

Celcom WiFiPlus via Celcom

Use Celcom WiFiPlus via Celcom

Learn how to use Celcom WiFiPlus, a wireless internet facility offered by Celcom to all Celcom customers which allow you to get hassle-free WiFi service at selected public areas.

You can enjoy Celcom WiFiPlus as long as you are a Postpaid Customer with complimentary WiFiPlus (FIRST Elite/FIRST Gold/FIRST Blue/FIRST Basic 85/FIRST Basic 38) or, you subscribe to any Celcom Mobile Internet plans that offer complimentary WiFiPlus.

Below is the price for WiFiPlus package if you subscribe to any Celcom Mobile Internet plans that offer complimentary WiFiPlus. However, if you are a Celcom subscriber with free WiFiPlus service, you are not allowed to purchase any WiFiPlus plans.

WiFiPlus Packages (volume) Price
Daily (500MB) RM2
Weekly (2GB) RM8
Monthly (4GB) RM18

Note: WiFiPlus speed will be automatically throttled to 128 kbps once the volume assigned for WiFi is fully utilized.

Before you can use your Celcom WiFiPlus, you need to have your WiFiPlus ID and password. To get your ID and password, open your messaging app, type WIFI PASSWORD and send to 22188. If this does not work, you can call Celcom Customer Service at 1300111000 to make a report.

How to use Celcom WiFiPlus

  1. Go to any WiFiPlus zone. Click here to find out WiFiPlus zones.
  2. Turn on/enable Wireless Network Connection on your device.
  3. From the list of available wifi connection, select CelcomWiFi+.
  4. Open any internet browser.
  5. Key in your WiFiPlus ID & Password at the login page, then click Login.
    • Your WiFiPlus ID will be your phone number
  6. Successfully connected to the internet.

Note: You will need to key in your WiFiPlus ID and Password one time only through the login page as long as you are using the same device and the account is still active.

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