How to reset TM Streamyx modem or router

TM Streamyx Wireless G ADSL 2+ modem

Reset TM Streamyx modem or router – TM Streamyx Wireless G ADSL 2+ modem via TM

Forgot TM Streamyx modem or router username and password? Learn how to reset the modem or router to its factory setting. Once you reset the modem with the following guide, your modem will be as fresh as it comes out of the box. I’ve included also the step-by-step guide to fill in your Streamyx ID and password and also how to secure your home TM Streamyx Wifi.

Note: Below step-by-step tutorial will reset your modem and wireless network configuration! Please carefully follow each step to continue to enjoy your internet.

How to reset TM Streamyx modem or router

  1. Turn on your computer and TM Streamyx wireless modem.
  2. Connect your computer to the wireless modem using LAN cable.
  3. Get your TM Streamyx wireless modem, find the Reset hole.
    • For TM Streamyx Wireless G ADSL 2+ modem model Innacom W3400V6, it should be at the back of the modem, on the right side of the ON/OFF switch (as shown in the above image).
  4. Get a paper clip.
  5. Using the paper clip, press the Reset button through the hole until the signal indicator lights start to blink.
  6. Done. Now your TM Streamyx modem is already pre-configured to its factory setting.

Note: You need to continue with the following step-by-step to configure your TM Streamyx ID and password to be able to connect to the internet.

How to put in Streamyx ID and password after reset modem

  1. Turn on your computer and TM Streamyx modem.
  2. Connect your computer to the wireless network or use LAN cable.
  3. Open any internet browser and enter the following URL EXACTLY:
  4. On the login page, key in your login detail. Below is the default:
    • ID: tmadmin
    • Password: Adm@XXXX
      • XXXX is the last 4 digit of your modem MAC address, you can find it on the sticker at the bottom of your modem and usually written on the router box by the service technician
    • Not working? Try using “tmadmin” without ” ” for both username and password
  5. Click Login.
  6. Select Advanced Setup from the left menu. It will display a list of its sub-menu.
  7. Select WAN Service.
  8. Since you just reset the modem, there will be no profile displayed. Select Add button.
  9. In PPP Username box, put in your Streamyx login ID. For example: yourname@streamyx
  10. In PPP Password box, put in your Streamyx password.
    • Both of this information — Streamyx login ID and password were usually written on the router box by the service technician
  11. In PPPoE Service Name box, leave it blank.
  12. In Authentication Method box, select AUTO.
  13. Check the box for the following:
    • Enable NAT
    • Enable IPv6 for this service
    • Request IPv6 address
    • Request Prefix Delegation
  14. Check the box for Bridge PPPoE Frames Between WAN and Local Ports.
    • For MTU Size, put in 1492
    • For TCP MSS, put in 1452
  15. Select Next button.
  16. At this page, it will display your setting. Click Apply/Save button to save the settings.

Note: Once you able to connect to the internet, don’t forget to change your TM Streamyx Wifi name and password.

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  • Ifan Kepeng

    Salam . nak tny kalau restore pc to default balik .. Connection modem tu kena buat lain tak?

    • Barzrul

      @ifankepeng:disqus kalau hanya restore pc, dia tak akan gangu setting pada modem.

  • Shi Jin Tee

    after i reset the modem, why i cant connect to since i had used cable

    • Barzrul

      Should be no issue. Can you re-try?

      • Shi Jin Tee

        after retry for few times it works again. thx for ur help

        • Barzrul

          No problem mate.

  • Noqman Yaacob

    Nak tanya. lepas saya reset lampu internet jadi merah dan lampu dsl je menyala. Kalau saya pakai LAN dia boleh sampung internet tak?

  • esh ibra

    stelah reset mcm mna nk reconnect??

  • biri aq99

    Sy tereset Adress…x pasti mac adress atau adress ape..lpastu tros x leh bkak ni bole ..lps ter reset tros x boleh…mohon pencerahan plszz.. T_T

    • Barzrul

      Hi, macam mana awak reset?

      • biri aq99

        Haritu mule2 nk tuka password guna …lps tu nk tuka lagi ,time nk tuka tu terkekan reset atau remove ke ape kat adress..x pasti sme ade mac adress atau adress ape lps tu tros x leh bukak …

        • Barzrul

          Ada lagi masaalah ni?

          • biri aq99

            still ade lg…x dpt bkak da skrg.. sblom ni bole je disebabkab tereset mac adress kot

          • biri aq99

            ade lgii … msh xsetel lgi..

          • Barzrul

            Boleh connect ke wifi?

            Bleh guna internet?

            Cuma tak boleh masuk

          • biri aq99


          • biri aq99

            internet wifi sume ok…cume x blh msk…

          • Barzrul

            Awak guna Chrome?

          • biri aq99

            dah gne chrome..mozilla..opera.. internet explorer pon x bole..

          • Barzrul

            Cuba check IP address komputer awak?

  • Alvin Soo

    how to do without using LAN-cable

    • Barzrul

      Can you open

  • amahehe

    salam bro, kenapa lepas reset terus takde wifi? dekat modem ni cuma lampu dsl je yang menyala

    • Barzrul

      Salam bro. Ada try restart modem x?

      • Armitron Mine

        Same here… Please help me… Lampu wifi ngan dsl putih… Tp lampu internet merah… Mcm mane ni???

  • Muhammad Nabil

    Salam.. saya terlupa modem username dan password.. kalau reset modem boleh reset modem username sekali ka?

  • Khong Wenjun

    Can u help me?i press the reset button,and now cant use the internet anymore.

    • Barzrul

      Hi, what happen?

  • lan lanis

    salam bro barzrul…modem sy lampu wifi xmyala..wifi pn xconnect..just tekan reset je ke?

    • Barzrul

      Wassalam, dah cuba restart modem. Off > biar 10 saat > On apa jadi?

  • Nfarhana Zainal

    Salam. Saya dah buat semua step. Lepas connect dgn LAN, connection ada tapi no internet access. Dah off router lebih dari 10saat, banyak kali dah. How? 😭

  • rissay m.

    Sya dh tkan reset button tp lmpu dkt bhgian intrnet tak brkelip

  • Zack Iskandar

    asalmmualaikum saya pon mempunyai gejala yg hampir sama . mula2 lepas saya tukar pasword jadi internet merah. then lpas dah flow up. dah okey.. now wifi boleh conect. internet menyala. cuma kerap naik sign in to wlan kenapa yer? xley buang ke? harap dapat membantu or fast respone to wsap 0175526091 tq

    • Barzrul

      Waalaikumussalam.. ada enable WLAN?

  • Fiona Limban

    Internet sy red light, what should I do? Dia jadi mcm tu lepas sy cuba nak tukar password 😢

    • Barzrul

      Apa maksud lepas awak cuba nak tukar password. Dah tukar atau belum?

  • amir

    Where do i key in my streamyx login id and password ?

    • Barzrul

      Advance setup 》WAN service

  • fazzmee

    salam barzrul..saya punya tm wifi selalu auto restart kenapa ya?

    • Barzrul

      Wassalam.. maksud awak, wifi auto restart atau modem auto restart?

      • fazzmee

        modem auto restart

        • Barzrul

          could be the modem itself got problem.

  • portgas ace

    bro, can teach me how to reconfigure dlink DSL-2640B modem? Firmware ver GE_1.07

    • Barzrul

      Bro, what do you mean by reconfigure? what are the specific setting you want to change?

  • danial

    salam barzul, saya punya internet selalu “no internet access”.
    then bila right click dekat icon internet tu then “troubleshoot problems” then result dia keluar “The DNS server isn’t responding”

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