How to put in Streamyx login ID and password after reset modem

Put in Streamyx login ID and password

Put in Streamyx login ID and password after reset modem

Your Streamyx modem internet LED showing red light after reset modem, learn how to put in Streamyx login ID and password after reset modem to solve the issue. Basically, your modem will reset all its setting and restore to its factory or default setting after you press the reset button which is located at the back of the modem.

Since many of you contacted me regarding Streamyx modem showing red light after reset the modem, to be exact, after following my tutorial on how to reset Streamyx modem here and I agree that I didn’t provide you detail enough the step-by-step on how and where you can put your Streamyx login ID and password to make it works again.

To make it works again, the most important step is you need to put in your Streamyx login ID and password. Technically, this is because the Streamyx modem will need your login information to establish the connection between the modem and the Streamyx server and finally connect you to the internet.

Note: This guide is for TM Streamyx wireless G ADSL 2+ modem model Innacomm W3400V6. Different model may have a slightly different configuration page. However, it will be very similar to each other.

How to put in Streamyx login ID and password after reset modem

  1. Turn on your computer and TM Streamyx modem.
  2. Connect your computer to the wireless network or use LAN cable.
  3. Open any internet browser and enter the following URL EXACTLY:
  4. On the login page, key in your login detail. Below is the default:
    • Username/ID: tmadmin
    • Password: Adm@XXXX
    • if fail, you can try tmadmin for both username and password
  5. Click Login.
  6. Select Advanced Setup from the left menu. It will display a list of its sub-menu.
  7. Select WAN Service.
  8. Since you just reset the modem, there will be no profile displayed. Click on Add button.
  9. In PPP Username box, put in your Streamyx login ID. For example: yourname@streamyx
  10. In PPP Password box, put in your Streamyx password.
    • Both of this information — Streamyx login ID and password were usually written on the router box by the service technician
  11. In PPPoE Service Name box, leave it blank.
  12. In Authentication Method box, select AUTO.
  13. Check the box for the following:
    • Enable NAT
    • Enable IPv6 for this service
    • Request IPv6 address
    • Request Prefix Delegation
  14. Check the box for Bridge PPPoE Frames Between WAN and Local Ports.
    • For MTU Size, put in 1492
    • For TCP MSS, put in 1452
  15. Click Next button.
  16. At this page, it will display your setting. Click Apply/Save button to save the setting.

Hopefully, you will be able to configure back your Streamyx modem and connect to the internet.

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  • Diyana Sofea

    Tak jumpa WAN

    • Barzrul

      Modem tu model apa?

      • Muhammad Amirul Al Hakim

        Kalau model riger db120wl cmne boss?

        • Barzrul

          Ada WAN tab?

  • Yi Joe Siow

    hey i cant see the WAN service please help the modem model is the original one from unifi 2 years ago…

    • Barzrul

      Let me know the model and i’ll try to check.

  • Gua Serangga

    Bro xada WAN menu..modem Dlink DSL2730E..

    • Barzrul

      Dekat Internet Setup ada setting utk PPPoE tak?

  • Apiet Osman

    Salam bang, saya da reset router tm streamyx, router dl4480v, sekarang saya x boleh nk connect internet.
    Ada panduan utk setup balik? Ataupun sama mcm tutorial ni jugak?

    • Barzrul

      Wassalam, ya.. Login ke router admin site dan ikut tutorial ni.

  • Faiz Tallboy

    Username@streamyx tu ad kt mana lgi.seb box asal dh buang,lama sgt dh x tukar .klo kta kita bli modem nk set up baru kna jg pakai username@streamyx jg ka..

    • Barzrul

      Kalo mcm tu kena call 100.. mmg kena guna streamyx id ni dkt mana2 modem utk login ke akaun streamyx kita.

      • Faiz Tallboy

        Thanks for the info bro.nti saya try call depa..

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