How to pay bills with JomPAY bill payment scheme

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Learn how to pay your monthly bills with JomPAY bill payment scheme. As introduced by Bank Negara Malaysia in the early of this year, now the service is available on the most online banking.

To use JomPAY, you must have the Biller Code and Reference number. Each bill will have a different number, so find yours and start using JomPAY to save your time paying your monthly bills.

Read the following guide to understand and use JomPAY bill payment scheme:

How to pay bills with JomPAY bill payment scheme

Step 1: Get your latest bill, look for the JomPAY logo.

  • Your JomPAY biller code and Reference Number are displayed in the box beside the logo.

Step 2: On your computer, open your internet browser and log in to your internet banking.

Step 3: Look for JomPAY payment method.

Step 4: Enter your JomPAY Biller Code and your Reference Number.

Step 5: Follow the instruction on the screen to proceed the payment.

Are you already using JomPAY bill payment scheme to pay your bills?

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