How to install KODIM Kodi video add-on

KODI Malaysia - KODIM

KODI Malaysia – KODIM – Install KODIM Kodi video add-on

Learn how to install KODI Malaysia – KODIM video add-on on your Kodi. KODIM is one of the most popular Kodi video add-on made by Malaysian for Malaysian to watch all Malay television shows, dramas, and movies.

Once you install KODIM, you will be able to watch all Malay shows including movies, television shows, documentaries, live streaming and many more. Currently, KODIM is the highest rated video add-on for watching Malay videos.

Other Malay video add-ons which are worth to mention here are LayanOn9, CiterKita and MR Network TV. You can check them out and see which one you prefer the most.

Note: KODIM video add-on is a third-party add-on and is not related to Kodi Team. If you have any issue related to this add-on, do not post your question on Kodi forum.

How to install KODIM Kodi video add-on

You can install KODIM Kodi video add-on from Ares Project repository as per following.

Install KODIM Kodi video add-on from Ares Project repository

Step 1: Install Ares Project repository. Read how to install Ares Project repository here.

Step 2: At Home Screen, select “SYSTEM” and select “Settings”.

Step 3: From menu on the left, select “Add-ons”.

Step 4: From the list, select “Install from repository”.

Step 5: From the list of repositories, select “Ares Project”.

Step 6: From the list, select “Video add-ons”.

Step 7: From the list of video add-ons, find and select “KODIM” and click “Install”.

Step 8: Wait for the enabled notification at the bottom right of your screen.

Done! KODIM video add-on is installed on your Kodi. You can start watching Malay television shows and movies from your Kodi via Video > Video add-ons > KODIM.

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