How to install Kodi add-ons on Android device


Install Kodi add-ons on Android device

Learn how to install Kodi add-ons on your Android device. Installing a Kodi Addon is a basic skill you will need once you give in to the awesomeness of Kodi and install it to your Android smartphone from the Play Store.

Kodi is a media manager par excellence, and it only makes sense that it be installed on all devices to run all audio, video and even radio on its amazing interface. Accessing content on Kodi follows a different procedure than installing an app on an iPhone or an Android smartphone.

You usually require repositories (which are like different folders with installation files in them) to access Add-on files you can install. The official Kodi Repository has quite a lot of good add-ons. But you can also try more repositories to look for the most unique add-ons in your circle.

How to access different repositories on Kodi

Installing a new repository is easy. There are many good ones you can find on Kodi forums, blogs and websites, which you will need to download to access their add-ons. Let’s compile the steps in a quick list.

  1. Download a repository you like from the internet. It is often available as a zip file. Store the repository in your internal memory or SD card; saving on the drive will not do.
  2. Now that the repository is installed, Go to the settings icon under the logo on the top left of the launch screen in Kodi.
  3. Enter System. Go to Add-Ons, and turn on Unknown Sources. Ignore this step if you have previously done so.
  4. Now, on the launch screen, go to the Add-Ons option under Radio and tap it. Tap the box icon on the top left. This shall take you to the Add-On Browser.
  5. Choose Install from zip file, and you should be able to configure the repository you downloaded earlier to Kodi.

With these simple steps, the repository should be available to your Kodi app right next to the official Kodi repository. Let’s now proceed to how to install Kodi add-ons to Android.

How to install Kodi add-ons to Android through any repository

Following the method we just covered, you should be able to install all Add-On Repositories you choose to download to your Kodi app. The next step is to use them to install individual add-ons.

Here is what to do:

  1. On the Kodi Launch Screen, go to Install from Repository.
  2. In the screen that follows, you can open the repository you like. The Kodi Add-on Repository is present by default, and any more you install by the previous method will also show up here.
  3. Choose a kind of Add-on to access. Subfolders made by the repository’s editor show up here.
  4. You can now browse through the many Add-ons available in the repository and tap them to learn more about them and what they do.
  5. When you like an add-on, tap to open its page. Under the brief synopsis it has given, you should find an install option. Tap it.

The Add-on will be installed in a matter of seconds, and you should be able to find it on your Kodi’s launch screen. You can tap to access it anytime you want.

Kodi Add-ons can be configured much more easily as compared to the usual Android interface. Just long press an Add-On and you should see an option box pop up. By entering the Settings option, you can modify all sorts of details associated with the app.

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