How to install KissAnime Kodi video add-on


How to install KissAnime Kodi video add-on – Watch high-quality anime online

Learn how to install KissAnime Kodi video add-on to watch all anime movies and dramas in high-quality or HD. KissAnime Kodi video add-on can easily be installed from SuperRepo repository.

KissAnime is one the best and popular Kodi video add-on to watch all anime movies and dramas in high quality. It was developed and maintained by HIGHWAY99, the same team as KissAsian and KissCartoon.

All videos on KissAnime Kodi video add-on are using the same source as and available at website. You should be able to find and watch all the popular anime movies and dramas through KissAnime add-on. Thanks to gaining for the update.

Disclaimer: I do not maintain KissAnime video add-on or have any affiliation with the developer. KissAnime is a third-party add-on which is also not related to Kodi Team. So, if you have any issue related to this add-on, please do not post your question on Kodi forum.

Note: For Kodi 17 Krypton video add-on installation guide, please refer this post.

How to install KissAnime Kodi video add-on

You can install KissAnime Kodi video add-on from SuperRepo repository or the .zip file.

Method 1: Install KissAnime Kodi video add-on from SuperRepo repository

Step 1: Install SuperRepo repository. Read how to install SuperRepo repository here.

Step 2: At Home Screen, select “SYSTEM” and select “Settings”.

Step 3: From menu list on the left, select “Add-ons”.

Step 4: From the list, select “Install from repository”.

Step 5: From the list of repositories, find and select “SuperRepo”.

Step 6: From the list, select “Video add-ons”.

Step 7: From the list of video add-ons, find and select “KissAnime” and click “Install”.

Step 8: Wait for the enabled notification at the bottom right of your screen.

Done! You have successfully installed KissAnime video add-on on your Kodi. You can start watching your favorite anime in high quality through Video > Video add-ons > KissAnime.

Method 2: Install KissAnime Kodi video add-on from .zip file

If you have any issue installing KissAnime from SuperRepo repository, you can try to manually install from .zip file updated by gaining per following instructions.

You can go here to download “” file provided by gaining. Then you can read this post on how to install Kodi video add-on manually from .zip file.

If you already installed the add-on but still not working, try uninstall, read this post to learn how to uninstall Kodi video add-on before re-install per above instruction.

Get stuck in the middle or if you have any questions, let me know your thought in the comment below. Appreciate the knowledge, let your friends know about this post. Like and share this post with your friends.

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  • gaining

    I updated this addon for today’s changes for it to use as the new domain. See my github: download and install the zip in kodi.

    • AA


    • Hi, thank you for the update.

      • gaining

        no problem

    • Jesus Navas

      I appreciate your work.

    • teokun

      why the plugin sometimes works, sometimes don’t ? even though kissanime site is online.

      • gaining

        It works as long as kissanime is online. What you’re talking about is when kissanime goes down from time to time. I’ve noticed that when the plugin doesn’t work, kissanime is offline. It could be for a minute or five. Next time the plugin doesn’t work, visit to find out if the site is up.

    • How do you do this on a firestick?

  • Adam Napier

    Hey guys I have installed kissanime, but I keep getting an error message when I click any link, it says “No results were found”. I have tried uninstalling and re-installing and that didn’t help. Any suggestions?

    • gaining

      Try exiting kodi then remove/reinstall. In any case they’ve uploaded it to tv addons repo. Try installing from there.

      • Adam Napier

        I have downloaded the fusion zip file on the firestick, I am not seeing the repo for kissanime? Do you know which it is? Thanks for replying so fast btw!

        • You installed kissanime from which repo?

  • Cyman

    Hi. I’m really getting lost with this. I’ve tried the super repo manually updating it but kissanime isn’t listed. Neither on TV add on or highway. I tried to load in the zip from gaining and couldn’t get that to work either. I’m completely stumped. Any ideas??

    • Hi, your issue is you can’t install KissAnime or you can’t get it to work?

      • joelam247

        I’m also having trouble installing from TV Addon. It goes through the process of installing then comes up with an error at the end.

        • Hi, do you able to install the add-on?

  • Veronica McQueen

    I have followed the above steps 1-4. Now how do i go about downloading and install the zip from Gaining?

  • Crossover93

    I don’t believe that the kissanime addon is included in Super repo. It has others but not kissanime. It was also Messing up. If you know of a way to add it on kodi via the file manager and installing from zip file let me know otherwise just the update without the original file will not download.

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