How to fix OpenSubtitles login issue in Kodi

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Learn how to fix OpenSubtitles login issue in your Kodi. Recently, Kodi users reported there is an error message displayed when they use as their preferred subtitle service in Kodi. If you are one of them, continue reading below.

If you encounter “In order to continue using OpenSubtitles service you need to login” issue, then this fix is for you. When you see this error message, that means OpenSubtitles will not download your preferred language.

In order to fix this issue, you are required to be a registered member at their website. The detail of doing exactly what are needed is provided in detail below.

How to fix OpenSubtitles login issue in Kodi

Step 1: Go to and register an account.

Step 2: Wait for the confirmation email and then click on the confirmation link.

Step 3: Open Kodi.

Step 4: Go to “SYSTEM”, select “Add-ons”.

Step 5: Select “My add-ons”.

Step 6: Select “Subtitles”.

Step 7: Select “”

Step 8: Select “Configure”.

Step 9: Add your Username & Password which you registered at the OpenSubtitles website.

Step 10: Select “OK”. Done!

Once done, OpenSubtitles will no longer display the message and the subtitle service will be back to normal.

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