How to find TM Streamyx router’s MAC address on Windows PC

Find TM Streamyx router's MAC address on Windows PC

Find TM Streamyx router’s MAC address on Windows PC

Here is how to find your TM Streamyx modem or router’s MAC address on Windows computer. Usually, you can easily find the MAC address of the router as it is printed on the sticker located at the back or bottom of the router. However, if due to some reason you can’t find it, here is the alternative method.

Actually, this method can be used to find MAC address for any modem or router, I purposely specific this tutorial for TM Streamyx user as the MAC address is important if users need to login to the modem settings page. The last 4 digit of the MAC address is used as the password.

I assume you have already connected your Windows computer to the network.

How to find TM Streamyx router’s MAC address on Windows PC

  1. On your Windows computer, press Windows key and type Command Prompt and press Enter to open Command Prompt window.
  2. Once the Command Prompt windows opened, type arp -a after the C:\Users\User>.
  3. It will display a list of IP addresses and their corresponding MAC addressed, see image at the beginning of this article.
  4. Under Internet Address, look for your modem IP address, usually, it will be
  5. Under Physical Address, on the right-hand side of the IP address will be the MAC address of the modem or router.
  6. In this case, the MAC address is 1c-5F-2b-f3-80-7c and the last 4 digit is 807c. To log in to TM Streamyx modem or router, you will be using Adm@807c as the password.

Note: Some modem IP addresses are different, you can read this post on how to find TM Streamyx modem and router’s IP address.

You can find all tutorial regarding TM Streamyx here. If you have any question, please leave your comment below.

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