How to download any video from Dailymotion

Download Dailymotion video

Download Dailymotion video

Learn how to download any video from Dailymotion website in MP4 format and save it on your computer for free. You just need these four simple steps to download your favorite video.

You can download your favorite video to keep it on your computer or any devices so you can watch them later without being connected to the internet.

Disclaimer: Please be careful with copyrighted content. Only download the video for personal use only. I am not responsible for any copyright infringement.

How to download any video from Dailymotion

Step 1: Go to the Dailymotion website and browse through to the video that you intended to download.

Step 2: On the video page, copy the link at the address bar. Or you can press Ctrl + L on your keyboard to highlight the text in the address bar, and then Ctrl + C to copy the link.

Step 3: Come back to this page, paste the video link in the box below and click the “Download Video” button.

Step 4: Once your press the “Download Video” button, it will open a new window contain the image of the video and the download links. You can select the video size and click download to download the video.

Note: Once the download completed, the video will be available in your download folder.

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