How to connect to TM Wifi hostpot

Connect to TM Wifi hotspot

Connect to TM Wifi hotspot

Learn how to connect your Wifi enabled device to any TM Wifi hotspot. As some of you may know or yet to know, TM is offering a free and premium service known as TM Wifi and it is available at more than 3000 locations around Malaysia. You can connect to the Wifi hotspot as a free user with a limited use or subscribe to a premium service for an unlimited quota.

In summary, TM Wifi offers 3-types of offerings (or you can get the detail of every offers here):

  1. Free Access: As the name suggests, you can use FREE 30 minutes of Internet usage per day at the speed of 1Mbps.
  2. Free Bundle: If you are a UniFi or Streamyx subscriber, you can use FREE 500MB per day when you link your TM Wifi account to your UniFi or Streamyx account at the speed of 4Mbps.
  3. Premium Access: Pretty straight forward, RM3 for 24 hours at the speed of 4Mbps with unlimited quota.

To find out where TM Wifi is available around your area, the full list of 3000 locations is available here.

How to connect to TM Wifi hotspot

Step 1: At the hotspot with “TM WiFi” logo, enable the Wifi connection on your device.

Step 2: Your device will automatically scan all the available Wifi. From the list of available Wifi, select “TM WiFi” SSID.

Step 3: To complete the Wifi connection, it will automatically open a landing page. Or you can launch your internet browser manually.

Step 4: When you type any URL in the URL bar, a login page will appear with an option to use Free Access or Free Bundle or Premium Access — the 3-types offer of TM Wifi.

Step 5a: To continue to enjoy the Free Access, click the “Try it for FREE” button.

  • No registration or login information needed.
  • Your surfing will be occasionally disturbed with Free BB push-ads.

Step 5b: To use the Free Bundle, you must complete the registration and link your account to your UniFi/Streamyx account and enjoy 500MB/day for FREE.

  • Your username will be your mobile number and password is up to your preference.
  • To unlink back your TM Wifi account with your UniFi or Streamyx account, please call 100.
  • If you change your mobile number, please call 100 to update your TM Wifi account.

Step 5c: To use the Premium Access, register a TM Wifi account and enjoy unlimited usage at RM3/day.

  • Once your TM Wifi account has been created, you may reload your TM Wifi account using TMgo reload cards or online banking and credit card on the landing page.
  • To use TMgo reload cards to reload your TM Wifi account. On the “HOME” tab, click the “RELOAD” button and enter your TMgo card number.
  • TMgo reload cards are available at all TMpoint outlets nationwide and any e-pay channels.

Step 6: Once your account created, on the landing page, you can login using your username and password and click “Connect now” to start using TM Wifi.

Note: If you cannot view the TM Wifi landing page, under the WiFi setting of your device, please clear your Wifi connection history (Forget Network) and/or clear your browser cache.

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