How to capture custom-sized screenshot in Google Chrome

Google Chrome Developer tools

Google Chrome Developer tools – capture custom-sized screenshot in Google Chrome

Learn how to capture a custom-sized screenshot of any web page in Google Chrome without using any extensions. You can customize the screenshot width and length according to your preference.

Basically, you will be using Google Chrome “Developer tools” to capture the screenshot. It has a built-in device list call “Emulated devices” which you can select and capture the screenshot according to the device screen size.

Additionally, you can add your preferred new custom-sized device to capture a screenshot of any web pages. All steps will be done in the Google Chrome Developer tools window.

Note: If you have any issue regarding the button name and other detail in the step-by-step below, you can refer above image.

How to capture custom-sized screenshot in Google Chrome

Step 1: In Google Chrome, open any website you would like to take a screenshot.

Step 2: Open “Developer tools” by:

  • Clicking on 3-dots on the top right of the Chrome window, select “More tools” and click on “Developer tools”
  • or alternatively press F12

Step 3: Click on “Toggle device toolbar” or alternatively you can press CTRL + Shift + M button.

  • Set the zoom to 100%
  • Click the “Rotate” icon to change the orientation

Step 4: Click on the mobile device name and select “Edit”.

Step 5: Click on “Add custom size” button.

Step 6: Give it a new name, put in the custom size that you want and click “Add”.

Step 7: Click on the device name and select the new device name from Step 6.

Step 8: Click 3-dots on the top right in the same frame and click “Capture screenshot”.

Step 9: Google Chrome will save the screenshot and save it in the default download folder.

Done! Now you can view any web pages and follow the same steps as above to capture a screenshot.

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