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P1 WiMAX – Cancel or terminate P1 service

Update: On March 2018, P1 will discontinue all of their services. For those who are using phone line from P1 and insist to maintain the same phone number, you can use TM line instead. Please check in the comment section for the personal contact number to proceed. Thank you Anas Zaryn for the info.

Learn the proper way to cancel or terminate your P1 service. Here is my experience with P1 team when I terminated my P1 service a year ago. Honestly, it was very easy if you follow the right step by step.

P1 service is great, the only reason I discontinued using their service is that there was no P1 coverage in my new residential area.

Unfortunately, I still have a few months contract left. I totally forgot that I upgraded my P1 package once they offered me higher quota and a cheaper price. I didn’t realize, the contract was automatically renewed.

Please be reminded, be careful when your P1 contract almost end.

Now, before proceeding with the service cancellation, make sure you check the following:

  • when are your contract period start and the expiry date – the penalty will be charged to those who end their contract earlier
  • modem, plug, and LAN cable – you will have to pay a certain amount and will be given some time to find the lost item and return back to them

How to cancel or terminate P1 service

  1. Get P1 HQ phone number from P1 website or P1 Authorized Service Partners near your area.
  2. Call P1 HQ to let them know about the cancellation.
    1. They will create a service cancellation request and provide you the reference number (keep the number)
    2. You will receive an email from them regarding the cancellation request
  3. Once the cancellation has been registered, usually, not more than 2 days, go to any P1 Authorized Service Partners.
  4. Provide them the service cancellation request number from Step 2.
    • Don’t forget to bring together your P1 modem, plug and LAN cable, you will need to return them to P1
    • If you don’t have either one or all of the item, they will ask you to pay for a certain price
  5. Fill-up the Termination Form or they will print a completed form for you.
  6. Say thank you to the P1 staff for all the hard work and get out from their premise.
  7. You will receive a confirmation of service termination email from P1.

Note: Keep the form you receive in Step 5 for at least 2 months in case your bill still running

Done! That’s all you have to do to properly cancel or terminate your P1 service. If you have any question, you can leave them below.

Disclaimer: I am not in any way have any relation with P1 or work for them. Please do not ask me to terminate your account. Please follow above steps properly so you will not have any issue in the future.

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