How to cancel or terminate Astro service


Cancel or terminate Astro service

Learn the proper way to cancel or terminate your Astro subscription. The cancellation or termination process is easy, here I guide you how to cancel or terminate your Astro account. In general, you have two options, by calling them or doing up-front at Astro CSC. The latter is easy and pretty straight forward.

I am done with Astro. I terminated my Astro account while I still have another year of a contract with them. I paid some amount for the penalty but that was worth it. The reason is obvious, their service is $uck! For those who are still under the 2-years contract like me, this is how to cancel or terminate your Astro service.

Do not worry, there is nothing special about having Astro at your house. You just wasting your time and money for repeated TV shows and to watch advertisements. There are a lot of alternatives for Astro with a cheaper monthly bill. But before going to that, you must proceed with below step-by-step to terminate your Astro account.

How to cancel or terminate Astro service

You can use any one of two methods below to cancel or terminate your Astro service. I recommend you to use the second method.

Method 1: Cancel or terminate Astro service via phone call

Step 1: Call Astro service center at +603 9543 3838.

Step 2: Select your preferred language.

Step 3: Make your selection:

  • Press 1 – Reconnection Request
  • Press 2 – Bill & Payment
  • Press 3 – Package, Product and Service
  • Press 4 – Technical Assistance and Installation
  • Press 5 – GST Related Enquiries

Step 4: You can select option 3 or 4.

Step 5: Talk to the customer service assistance:

  • Tell him or her that you are going to terminate your Astro account
  • There will be a standard procedure and questions, answer them sarcastically
  • They will let you know that you will need to give the 30 days of notice periods for the termination and they will help to calculate the penalty

Step 6: Leave your contact number and they will call you back after a few days.

Method 2: Cancel or terminate Astro service up-front

Step 1: Go to your nearest Astro CSC branch (do not bring any of Astro items).

Step 2: Tell the assistance that you are going to terminate your Astro account.

Step 3: Take your number and wait for your turn.

Step 4: At the service counter, tell them the same thing (to terminate your account).

  • They will set the 30 days of notice periods, calculate the penalty, print the receipt and give it to you

Step 5: Confirm the calculation to make sure everything is correct.

Step 6: Pay the amount at the Astro payment kiosk and give them the receipt for account closure

  • Keep all the receipts you receive from them for future reference

Step 7: Smile, say thank you, get up and get out.

Note: At the last day of the notice period, Astro technician will come to your house to collect all Astro items including the satellite dish. If not, then you can keep all of them in your garbage bin.

Get stuck in the middle or if you have any questions, let me know your thought in the comment below. Appreciate the knowledge, let your friends know about this post. Like and share this post with your friends. Click the button below.

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  • ****

    slm bro
    branch tu csc or alc?

    • Barzrul

      Wslm. CSC.

  • ****

    thx bro
    aku da terminate smalam
    dlm 15min da setel
    tp cs person tu xde tanye pasal astro items tu.
    so meaning on the last day of nitice diorang akan dtg collect?

    • Barzrul

      No problem bro. Yang dia ambil balik items tu untuk customer yang masih dalam kontrak. Kalau dah abis 2 tahun kontrak, rasanya tak kot.

      • ****

        harap2 die xde suro aku plak htr.anyway thx bro, very good post..👍

        • Barzrul

          Ok, thank you bro.

  • Cik Nunu

    Kalau nak unsubscribe mana2 subscription camna. 4 bulan dah..ada reply tp tiap bulan bill kira jgk. Bodoh pya asterok..tiap awal bulan dpt bill msti aku meroyan…buang masa dan tenaga dan duit.

    • Barzrul

      Hi Cik Nunu, awak perlu call Astro customer service dan beritahu channel mana yang nak unsubscribe.

  • Nik Mohd Firdaus

    boleh tak saya nak tahu berapa penalty yg tuan kena baru kol astro kontrak sy sepatutnya habis may 2017 total penalty dekat RM500(sy rasa berbaloi). tkut ada apa2 charge lain lagi selepas ni. Smua setel dekat customer service kat phone je.

    • Barzrul

      Sy bayar penalti sebanyak RM150 dan saya ada kontrak sampai Nov 2016. Saya nasihatkan downgrade ke basic package lepastu baru terminate akaun dan sebaiknya urusan termination di buat di Astro CSC.

      • iriskalila sirojudean

        Salam…thanx for this posting. Appreciate it.

        Nak tanya, kenapa you advised to downgrade to basic package lepastu baru terminate?


        • Barzrul

          Hi, sorry lambat reply. Saya dapati kalau terminate Basic package, penaltinya lagi murah daripada terminate HD package. (Untuk yang masih dalam kontrak).

  • shikin

    salam en. astro csc di mana? klu terminate by phone je ok? sbb selalu byar kat public bank CDM

    • Barzrul

      Salam shikin,
      Cik boleh check Astro CSC branch di link ini:
      Kalau kontrak 2 tahun Cik dgn Astro sudah tamat, tak ada masalah utk terminate by phone. Kalau masih dalam kontrak, sebaiknya buat termination di Astro CSC.

      • shikin

        thanks.. kene bawa astro punye barang ke klu masih dlm contract?

        • Barzrul

          Tak perlu, selepas 30 hari notis tamat, Astro akan hantar technician ke premis kita untuk collect semua barang..

  • Salty Bodice Ripper

    I had terminated with astro 3 times. The firstI wasn’t very smart and I brought I the decoder and remote and smart card to the center. It was in damansara. And they had the balls to ask me for the dish. Then second time I did it over the phone. I kept in mind my biling cycle and called on the day of my billing cycle so I didn’t have to pay extra pro rates charges. You only pay penalty if you are going to cancel under 2 years minimum contract. Third time I didn’t follow the billing cycle so they charge me for 10 pro rates days and since I had basic package it cost me like 65 ringgit.

    • Barzrul

      Thanks for sharing your experience. 65? You are lucky.

  • TanY Yong

    Bro berapa bayar utk penalty dan jg brp total bro byr untuk semua?

    • Barzrul

      Total saya kena bayar RM150 masa terminate.

  • xxx

    saya pula dipaksa subscribe euro rm115.54 pada 16/6/2016.astro kol by phone.saya takde ckp agree dorang minta num ic sebab nak reconfirm no. acc.ckp nak email bill by la.(haritu saya agak bodoh sbb bg IC walaupun untuk reconfirm acc.ptt letak je phone.bangang betol.then on the same day, saya rasa mcm pelik.terus kol line astro.btanya mengenai status acc.staf astro tu cakap saya dah SUBSCRIBE untuk euro.dan bertanya ‘kalau cik tak setuju kenapa bagi no. IC’?bangang!!!!!terus saya cerita.then minta dia batalkan subscription euro.pada 20/6/2016 datang la bill by email.sekali lagi perkataan ‘BANGANG keluar dari mulut. 115.54(euro pack)+42.35(fam pack) dipotong melalui acc. saya mmg letak 200 lebih dalam acc sebab selalu traveling.malas bayar.potong terus.tpi astro dah buat onar.kalau org rumah tengok euro, takpe la..nie semua tgok cite korea.dahla under kontrak 2tahun.dalam acc masih ada rm73.Nasihat saya, JANGAN LANGGAN ASTRO.TAK KIRA LA ADA KAITAN DENGAN YAHUDI ATAU TAK.NI SALAH MANUSIA bukan bangsa agama mahupun negara.bangang!

  • Ediacla Noliam Elex

    I have 2 months unsettled bill and i want to terminate the service. Can you tell me how much I need to settle? The reason is. I always go out of town. Thanks

    • Barzrul

      Hi, you need to call Astro service for the detail. Thanks.

  • mat adiey

    salam, boleh tanya kalau sy masih bawah kontrak smpai 13/02/2017 , agak2 brapa extra charge kena.. ? outstding bill x ad…

    • Barzrul

      Salam, kalo tak salah saya, ia bergantung pada package yg kita langgan..

      • mat adiey

        macam sy ambil package Sport skali byond tu… sbulan bill skali GSt RM148.00++

        • Barzrul

          Mgkin RM300++ kot.. dulu sy package RM43 sebulan, kena bayar RM100++.. bleh cuba call dan tanya Astro..

  • نوار احمد

    Salam bro. Nk tny skit. Kalu akaun astro yg kita pakai tu, tapi nama org lain(contoh: ayah,abang,sepupu etc). Boleh ke kalau kita yang pergi terminate dkt astro CSC?

    tqvm bro

    • Barzrul

      Salam bro.
      Setahu saya kena tuan punya akaun yg pergi terminate.. bro boleh call Astro dulu utk pengesahan.

      • نوار احمد

        ok bro. thx very much

  • Steven chan

    boleh tanya apa yang bro guna utk ganti Astro?

    • Barzrul

      Sekarang saya guna Android box.

      • Ahmad Zahidi Ismail

        Salam Barzul, Berapa you bayar utk Android Box.. How’s yje performance/resolution. Internet saya 5 Mbps, ok ke ?

        • Barzrul

          I bought the box for RM 300. When I buy that time, I was using 4Mbps, Overall is very good.

          • Farah Syarmiela

            Android box x perlu bayar bulanan ke? n cenel astro ada x dlm android box

          • Barzrul

            Tak perlu.

  • Ahmad Zahidi Ismail

    Thank you Azrul for the info.
    I’m paying Astro by autodebit, will they automatically stop the autodebit. ATAU kita kena uruskan sendiri dengan bank kita ?

    • Barzrul

      Hi Ahmad Zahidi, the best way is to deal directly with the bank.

  • fieda

    let say kite ada balance lagi RM150, penalty tu bayar berapa? dlm masa 30 hari tu ada channel lagi ke?

    • Barzrul

      Utk pengiraan penalty saya tak pasti.
      Ya, dalam 30 hari masih ada channel.

  • Yusuf

    Slm bro.. kalau nak terminate astro mesti by owner atau bleh diwakilkan kepada sesiapa?

    • Barzrul

      Wassalam.. kalau nak wakilkan org lain, kena bawa original IC.

  • KAWALAN 2016

    salam bro dh pun tamat kontrak 2 thn..dan sy ingin menamatkan servis astro..adakah pihak astro akan ambil blk peralatan seperti kuali satelite,dekoder dan kad..

    • Barzrul

      Wassalam.. minta maaf, saya x pasti untuk yang dah tamat kontrak punya term and condition.

  • Fara Wana Ismail

    Bro..mcmn nak tau contract expiry? I dah tak ingat brpa bulan tagi tinggal..huhu

    • Barzrul

      Alamak, kena call Astro tanya pasal akaun.

  • Philli Greene

    Saya mok terminate astro yg berada di rmh saya tapi atas nama org lain. Dapat ka?

    • Barzrul

      Boleh. Kena tunjuk owner original IC masa terminate.

  • Nurazie

    Assalam.. saya ade 2bln tunggakan astro, dh hampir setahun tak pakai dah astro tapi masih under kontrak, kalau nk terminate agak2 berapa kena penalti ya..? -terima kasih.

    • Barzrul

      Wassalam, kalau package Basic macam saya kena RM100++.. tapi terpulang kepada berapa banyak bulan lagi kontrak kita dengan Astro.

  • Khai

    Assalamu’alaikum bro, nk tnye yg alternative android box tu ada buat tutorial x? Kalu ada mnta link2 dia ye sbb xjumpa katne nk search website bro.. Satu lg, android box ni ada jenama/spec2 nk rekomen dan nk beli kat mana ye? Maaf saya masih novice bab2 tech ni.. Pls help point in the right direction. Tq

    • Barzrul

      Wa’alaikumussalam.. bro bleh guna search box dekat sidebar. Search “himedia” n “kodi”.

  • Azie912

    Astro sucks la…nak call pun susah nak dapat…then they make it difficult to terminate.

    • Barzrul

      Yup, betul. The best way to terminate Astro is to go to their CSC branch and terminate it right away.

  • disqus_CHnCwV0X6a

    Tanya di FB astro tadi regarding my contract. Contract will end 2019 so when ask about termination they said the penalty will be rm1000! OTL

    • Barzrul

      Lol.. from my experience chatting with them on FB. They know nothing but BS.

      • disqus_CHnCwV0X6a

        Really? Ingat maybe contract lama lagi nak habis sebab tu mahal. Kena pegi csc jugak la ni

        • Barzrul

          Which pkg you subscribed to? better you subscribe to the cheapest pkg and yes, better go to the CSC..

  • anuar

    hi bro. apa ya alternative astro. tq for your respond

    • Barzrul

      hi bro. saya prefer Kodi.

      • anuar

        ada channel apa ya. sori xpernah tau hehe

        • Barzrul

          ada macam2.. bleh try search pasal Kodi. dalam blog ni pun banyak saya provide tutorial pasal Kodi.

  • Marlvin Anak Robin

    Hi bro, Kalau nak bayar termination fee tu boleh bayar ansur2 tak?

    • Barzrul

      Hello bro, x pasti la.. Masa saya terminate dulu, kena bayar denda on the spot, baru dia proceed dengan termination.. Bro boleh call pihak Astro untuk confirm.

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