How to add and install Fusion Installer Kodi add-on


TV Addons – How to add and install Fusion Installer Kodi add-on

Learn how to add and install Fusion Installer add-on on your Kodi and gain access to all the best Kodi repositories and add-ons. Fusion Installer is a link that enables you to access to TV Addons server.

Add Fusion Installer: You can add Fusion Installer into your Kodi source and later install any add-on manually by installing from the available repositories.

Install Fusion Installer: You can install Fusion Installer and user their configuration wizard or addon installer to install any add-ons if you preferred so.

Disclaimer: I do not maintain Fusion Installer or have any affiliation with the developer. Fusion Installer is a third-party add-on which is also not related to Kodi Team. So, if you have any issue related to any repositories or add-ons installed from Fusion Installer, please do not post your question on Kodi forum.

How to add Fusion Installer Kodi add-on

Step 1: Open Kodi.

Step 2: At Home Screen, select “SYSTEM” and select “File manager”.

Step 3: From the list, select “Add source”.

Step 4: In “Add Files source” window, click “NONE” and enter the following URL exactly:

Step 5: Once done, click “Done” button.

Step 6: In “Enter the name for this media source.” box, type “Fusion” and click “Done”.

Step 7: Once done, click “OK”.

Done! Basically, these are the only steps to add Fusion Installer to your Kodi source.

How to install Fusion Installer Kodi add-on

Step 1:  At Home Screen, select “SYSTEM” and select “Settings”.

Step 2: From menu on the left, select “Add-ons”.

Step 3: From the list, select “Install from zip file”.

Step 4: From the list of files, select “Fusion” > “begin-here” > “ (xxx is the file version).

Step 5: Wait for the enabled notification at the bottom right of the screen.

Step 6: Go back to Home Screen, select “PROGRAMS”.

Step 7: Select “Addon Installer” and select any file if you want to install any add-on from TV Addons.

Once Fusion Installer is installed, you can use the easy configuration wizard to setup your Kodi or you can install your preferred Kodi add-ons and enable them one by one.

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