How to stop sending read receipts in iMessage

iMessage - Send Read Receipts

iMessage – Send Read Receipts

Learn how to stop sharing or sending read receipts in iMessage. This feature is enabled by default, once you open the message, it will send the read receipt to the sender to let them know you have open their message.

The similar feature is also available in WhatsApp which has been covered in my previous post, you can read how to disable WhatsApp blue ticks and read receipt here.

If you prefer to not let the sender know if you have open their message, fortunately, you can disable the feature. There is also an option to enable the feature on selected sender. Continue reading to learn how to do this.

How to stop sending read receipts in iMessage

As mentioned above, you can stop sending read receipts to all sender and/or you can enable the option only to selected sender.

How to turn OFF read receipt to all sender

To turn off read receipts to all sender, go to Settings > Messages > Send Read Receipts. Toggle the switch ON and OFF to make sure that the “Send Read Receipts” option is disabled.

For Mac user, you can change the setting by opening the app and go to Messages > Preferences > Accounts. Select the email address associated with your iMessage account and make sure that the “Send Read Receipts” option is not checked.

How to turn ON read receipts to selected sender

In iOS 10, you can actually selectively turn on the read receipts. To do this, launch the iOS Message app and open the conversation you want to send read receipts to. Tap the “i” button on the top right-hand corner and toggle “Send Read Receipts” ON and OFF to make sure the option is enabled.

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