Tips to improve TM Streamyx broadband speed

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Learn how to improve your TM Streamyx broadband speed with these few tips and tricks. Using these tips to improve your internet speed are extremely easy, practical and most important, they are legal.

If you are regularly facing slow internet connection speed, you might want to consider reading this post. But make sure that are everything related to the technical issue has been taken care of. For example, use latest TM Streamyx modem or router, use a proper network cable, and make sure you pay the bill (lol) to name a few.

Remember, this is not to make your internet speed higher than it should be, it is only to maximize the full potential of your broadband speed. Meaning, you will be able to use the maximum speed of your broadband package.

I recommend you to check your broadband speed before and after the implementation to see whether below tips really can improve your internet connection.

Tips to improve TM Streamyx broadband speed

Tips 1: Use Google DNS.

Tips 2: Use faster public DNS.

Tips 3: Change Wifi mode to N-type.

  • All modern devices are using N-type wifi mode. This is the fastest mode compared to B-mode and G-mode.
  • Go to your modem configuration page and change the Wifi mode to use only N-type.
  • If you have no idea how to do this step, leave a comment below. I will create a step-by-step guide to change the Wifi mode for TM Streamyx modem.

Tips 4: Learn about the important of your modem location and how it works. Few aspects you should know, read the detail here.

Get stuck in the middle or if you have any questions, let me know your thought in the comment below. Appreciate the knowledge, let your friends know about this post. Like and share this post with your friends.

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