How to set Google Chrome to start in incognito mode

Google Chrome incognito mode

Google Chrome incognito mode

Learn how to set Google Chrome web browser to start in incognito mode. By doing this, it will save your time for opening incognito window every time you launch the web browser.

Incognito mode is a private browsing feature for Google Chrome. When you are using incognito mode, no cookies, browsing and search history, for example, will be saved.

The downside of using incognito mode in Chrome is that you have to always sign in to the website you visit as the browser not able to remember some preference due to cookies is not saved.

How to set Google Chrome to start in incognito mode

This is how you can start Google Chrome web browser in incognito mode every time it launches and have a private session.

First, you need to locate the shortcut on the desktop that you use to launch Google Chrome. If you don’t have, please create one. Find Chrome .exe file in your C drive, Right-click > Send to > Desktop (create shortcut).

Once shortcut placed on the desktop, move the cursor to the shortcut, Right-click > Properties > Shortcut. At “Target:” box, add “-incognito” at the back of the address. It will look like this:


To: (notice the -incognito after the closing quote)

Once complete, click “Ok” to save and done! Every time you launch Google Chrome via the shortcut that you set with -incognito, it will always start with incognito mode.

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