How to fix Kodi “Could not connect to repository” error

Fix Kodi "Could not connect to repository" error

Fix Kodi “Could not connect to repository” error

Learn how to fix “Could not connect to repository” error in Kodi. Do you encounter this error message while trying to install Kodi add-on recently? What did you do to fix it? Here are few tips to help you to fix this error and continue to enjoy Kodi.

With the recent update, we are seeing a number of Kodi users reporting that they have an issue regarding “Could not connect to repository” while trying to add source or installing Kodi add-on. If the issue is on the server side, there is nothing you can do until things are fixed.

However, if you are looking for an alternative method for a workaround, then you are at the right place. Started from the things you should do to identify the real issue, followed by the things you shouldn’t do and finally the workaround to fix this error. Continue reading to find out.

How to fix Kodi “Could not connect to repository” error

Things you should do

The first thing you should do when encounter this error is to check and verify the repository address whether is it entered correctly. If this is the first time you connect to the repository, there is a chance that it might be wrong, just delete it and re-enter the correct address.

Next is to check whether the repository is down or having an issue. That is possible the repository is down from time to time for an upgrade process or maintenance. You can try to access the repository with your internet browser to see whether it is accessible.

Things you shouldn’t do

If you encounter any issue on your Kodi add-on, remember to not un-install and re-install them while thinking it will solve the issue. This won’t fix the issue and if the issue is related to the repository, then you will be missing the add-on until the issues are solved.

List of popular Kodi add-on repository

If the repository is down for maintenance, depend on the issue, it might take few minutes to few days to be up and running per normal again. So, if you cannot wait, here is the list of the best Kodi repository you can try to install your desired Kodi add-on:

#1 SuperRepo – my favorite and the biggest Kodi add-on repository, read this post on how to install SuperRepo repository

#2 Fusion Installer – one of the best repository with lots of features, you can add this Fusion Installer or install Indigo Tool

#3 AresProject – my choice for any add-on not included in SuperRepo, read this post on how to install AresProject repository

#4 XunityTalk – nothing as above, still preferable, click here to read how to install XunityTalk repository

#5 Simply Caz Repo – best alternative, read this post for tutorial to install Simply Caz Repo

#6 Smash Repo – best alternative for all popular add-ons, read this post for installation tutorial

Add all these sources to your Kodi and never have “Could not connect to repository” error again. For the full list of Kodi tutorials and tips & tricks, click this link.

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