How to find and watch full-length video on YouTube


YouTube – Find and watch full-length video on YouTube for free

Learn how to find and watch for free full-length video on YouTube. Here is the list of simple yet advance YouTube command you can use to find full-length video on YouTube and watch for free.

Finding full-length video on YouTube can be tricky but if you know and understand the command it will become easier and fun. Your search can be accurate too if you combine the right keywords. Example of keyword are provided below.

Alternatively, you can search for a social community who share links to full-length video on YouTube, they are a lots. To make things easier, I include one of the most popular community at the end of this post.

How to find and watch full-length video on YouTube

I am going to share two easy methods you can use to find the full-length video on YouTube and you can watch them all for free.

Method 1: Using simple yet advance YouTube search command

To find a specific video, in the search box, you must put in the keywords and separate them by a comma. Use two or more keywords for example:

  • keyword1: this will be the video title, the actor or anything related to the video you wanted to search for
  • keyword2, keyword3, …: this is to limit you search to only specific video, you can combine them to improve the search accuracy
    • to find specific channel – use “channel”
    • to limit to this week uploaded video – use “this week”
    • to find only official video – use “partner”
    • to find only movie – use “movie”
    • to find only high-quality video – use “hd”
    • to find lengthy video – use “long”

Method 2: Browse through official reddit community

Alternatively, you can browse through reddit community to find video on YouTube. There is a reddit community who love movies called r/fullmoviesonyoutube, the channel is dedicated to only full movies and they share the links to the videos on YouTube.

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