How to synchronize subtitle with video in VLC media player

Track Synchronization in VLC player
How to synchronize subtitle with video in VLC media player

Learn how to synchronize subtitle with video in VLC media player. With this simple method, you can get rid of the out of sync subtitle issue when playing movies, TV shows or any of your favorite videos.

There are times when you play a downloaded movie or drama with an external subtitle and you notice the subtitle is not synchronized with the audio. This usually happens when difference source are used to download the video and the subtitle.

There is a very simple method to synchronize the subtitle, continue reading the step-by-step tutorial below on how to do it.


How to synchronize subtitle with video in VLC player

  1. You will need (of course) VLC player, a video and a subtitle.
  2. While playing the video, find out whether the subtitle is ahead or lag compare to the video.
    • if the subtitle is ahead of the video: the value change will be negative to slow down the subtitle
    • if the subtitle is lagging: the value change will be positive to speed up the subtitle
  3. On VLC player, click Tools and select Track Synchronization.
  4. In Adjustments and Effects window, select Synchronization tab.
  5. Under Subtitle/Video section, input any positive or negative value in the box beside Subtitle track synchronization.
  6. After you make any changes, you might need to do a little back and forth to confirm the synchronization.
  7. Sit back and enjoy the video!

That’s it. If you know any better method and wanted to share, just let me know in the comment below.

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