U Mobile Postpaid P99 Unlimited HERO review

U Mobile Postpaid P99 Unlimited HERO review

U Mobile Postpaid P99 Unlimited HERO review – image via U Mobile

Upon reviewing Digi Postpaid 150 INFINITE last few days, another postpaid plan that got my attention is U Mobile Postpaid P99 Unlimted HERO. U Mobile claims that this is the ultimate unlimited plan among all telcos in Malaysia, let’s review them.

So, what is included in U Mobile Postpaid P99 Unlimited HERO?

U Mobile Postpaid P99 Unlimited HERO

  • Internet – Unlimited
  • Tethering/hotspot – 30GB
  • High-speed data – Yes
  • CALL ONZ (Voice calls) – Unlimited
  • VIDEO ONZ (Video streaming) – Unlimited
  • ROAM ONZ – 3GB
  • SMS – 10 sen / SMS to any network

I have no complaint except for the tethering quota. The only thing that is not enough is the tethering or hotspot quota, there is only 30GB provided. If you used up all the quota, you can continue to use mobile hotspot at a reduced speed of up to 64kbps.

However, if you want, you can share your 30GB data allocate for tethering with a maximum of 3 member lines. Which means, the 30GB allocation for principal’s mobile hotspot usage and member line data sharing will be consumed from the same bucket.

Is this the ultimate unlimited plan that can beat other plans from other telcos as U Mobile claim? You decide. Before subscribing to this plan, make sure to check their coverage, you can go to U Mobile Coverage Map website by visiting https://www.u.com.my/support/coverage or click this link.

With U Mobile P99 Unlimited HERO postpaid plan, your monthly commitment will be RM104.94 including GST RM5.94.

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