U Mobile Postpaid P79 Unlimited HERO review

U Mobile Postpaid P79 Unlimited HERO

U Mobile Postpaid P79 Unlimited HERO review – image via U Mobile

Here comes the latest postpaid plan offered by U Mobile replacing old Postpaid P78 Unlimited HERO, P79. With additional RM1, P79 offers high-speed data to the user. P79 aims for webe aka mobile unifi users (RM79 postpaid plan) but with limited internet.

Here is what included in this postpaid plan and some of the frequently asked questions on their website.

U Mobile Postpaid P79 Unlimited HERO plan

  • Internet (including hotspot) – 20GB
  • High-speed data – Yes
  • CALL ONZ (Voice calls) – Unlimited
  • WhatsApp & WeChat – Unlimited
  • MUSIC ONZ (Music streaming) – Unlimited
  • VIDEO ONZ (Video streaming) – Unlimited
  • ROAM ONZ (Roaming) – 1GB
  • Waze – Unlimited
  • SMS – 10 sen / SMS to any network

U Mobile Postpaid P79 Unlimited HERO FAQs

I am an existing U Mobile prepaid customer. Can I carry forward my prepaid credit when I sign up the postpaid plan?
Yes, you can carry forward up to RM100 of your prepaid credit to offset bill payment. Any credit balance exceeding RM100 will be automatically forfeited.

Is there a Fair Usage Policy?
Yes. Please visit www.u.com.my/tnc/199 for more details.

What is an upfront payment?
An upfront payment is made at the point of registration. It will then be deducted against your first month’s bill statement and you will only be required to pay any balance due under your first month’s bill statement.

What’s the difference between an Upfront Payment and Advance Access Fee?
Upfront Payment is an advance payment equivalent to the monthly fee made when you first sign up any Postpaid/Broadband plans. Eg: P99 (RM99), P79 (RM79), P48 (RM48). This payment will be collected upon signing up for your desired plan and will be used to off-set your first monthly bill. It is not refundable.
Advance Access Fee will be reflected in your first month’s bill and is refundable upon service termination request. It will be refunded after off-set your outstanding payments (if any).

What is the difference between an Access Fee and Advance Access Fee?
Access Fee is for the subscription of the plan (Eg: P99 = RM99/mth) and is charged on a monthly basis.
Advance Access Fee is charged in advance to your account and will be shown in your first month bill. Advance Access Fee may be used to offset any outstanding charges upon bill due date. You may require to pay a further advance fee in an amount that we determine upon utilization of your Advance Access Fee. Any remaining balance of the advance fee will be refunded to you without interest if you terminate your postpaid plan, provided all outstanding charges have been settled.

If I were to upgrade or downgrade my plan from any U Mobile Postpaid Rate Plan to a different U Mobile Rate Plan, do I need to pay the upfront Advance Payment, Advance Access Fee and Stamp Duty again?
For any upgrade and downgrade of rate plans, the initial Advance Access Fees will be refunded to you and the new Advance Access Fee for the new rate plan will be charged to your bill statement. The Stamp Duty and Upfront Payment will not be collected again.

Will my rate plan’s bundled services (Voice and SMS) be pro-rated based on the date of activation?
All voice and SMS allocation within the rate plan bundle will be pro-rated based on activation date. Data allocation will not be prorated. This is not applicable for Share 10 & Share 20.

How would I know if I have exceeded my Internet quota?
You will receive an SMS notification when you have exceeded 80% and 100% of your allocated quota.

If I am currently on a P70 plan with a Share line, what will happen to my Share Line if I upgrade to P79?
If you currently have a Share 50 line and you wish to retain Share line under your new P79 account, you are required to convert to a Share 20 plan. If you currently have a Share 20 line, you may carry forward to your new account.

Barzrul says

From my personal experience with mobile unifi, I rarely reach 20GB data per month. The reason is simple, the “high-speed” data offered by unifi is not fast enough (I will share some of the mobile unifi speed test later on). So, if you are looking for faster data, this might be your one of the best option.

Make sure to check U Mobile 4G LTE and 3G coverage before subscribe to their service if you don’t want to get disappointed. You can go to U Mobile Coverage Map website by visiting https://www.u.com.my/support/coverage or click this link.

If you have any issue with U Mobile service, I suggest you can directly contact them on their Twitter account @umobile, they are very responsive.

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