U Mobile Postpaid P79 Unlimited HERO review

U Mobile Postpaid P79 Unlimited HERO

U Mobile Postpaid P79 Unlimited HERO review- image via U Mobile

Here comes the latest postpaid plan offered by U Mobile replacing old Postpaid P78 Unlimited HERO, P79. With additional RM1, P79 offers high-speed data to the user. P79 aims for webe aka mobile unifi users (RM79 postpaid plan) but with limited internet.

Here is what included in this postpaid plan.

U Mobile Postpaid P79 Unlimited HERO

  • Internet & hotspot – 20GB
  • High-speed data – Yes
  • CALL ONZ (Voice calls) – Unlimited
  • WhatsApp & WeChat – Unlimited
  • MUSIC ONZ (Music streaming) – Unlimited
  • VIDEO ONZ (Video streaming) – Unlimited
  • ROAM ONZ (Roaming) – 1GB
  • Waze – Unlimited
  • SMS – 10 sen / SMS to any network

From my personal experience with mobile unifi, I rarely reach 20GB data per month. The reason is simple, the “high-speed” data offered by unifi is not fast enough (I will share some of the mobile unifi speed test later on). So, if you are looking for a faster data, this might be your one of the best option.

Make sure to check U Mobile 4G LTE and 3G coverage before subscribe to their service if you don’t want to get disappointed. You can go to U Mobile Coverage Map website by visiting https://www.u.com.my/support/coverage or click this link.

With U Mobile P79 Unlimited HERO postpaid plan, your monthly commitment will be RM83.74 including GST RM4.74.

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