U Mobile Postpaid Giler Unlimited GX50 review

U Mobile Postpaid Giler Unlimited GX50 review

U Mobile Postpaid Giler Unlimited GX50 review – image via U Mobile

The new postpaid plan by U Mobile called Giler Unlimited or GX50 now available. This plan is similar to P78 postpaid (new plan is P79 Unlimited HERO) plan but with lesser hotspot data. P78 offers 10GB of hotspot data while GX50 offers half of it which means 5GB of hotspot data only. Other than that, they are basically the same package.

Here is the detail of Giler Unlimited GX50 plan and the frequently asked questions available on U Mobile website.

U Mobile Postpaid Giler Unlimited GX50 plan

  • Internet – Unlimited
  • High-speed data – No (capped at 5Mbs)
  • Hotspot – 5GB
  • Voice calls – Unlimited to all network
  • SMS – N/A

U Mobile Postpaid Giler Unlimited GX50 FAQs

What is GX50?
GX50 is a postpaid plan which is bundled with UNLIMITED data (5Mbps) for ANY types of usage, UNLIMITED calls, and free 5GB hotspot.

What can I use the UNLIMITED data on GX50 for?
You can use your UNLIMITED data for ALL usage on your smartphone (example: Web browsing, Social, Video, and Music streaming, Email and much more).

Do I need to be tied to a contract upon signing GX50?
No. There is no contract for GX50.

On what devices can I use the GX50 SIM card?
GX50 is designed for smartphone users only.

Am I allowed to share my unlimited data with other devices via mobile hotspot?
The unlimited data is meant for personal use on your smartphone. For sharing of data with other devices, you are given additional FREE 5GB mobile hotspot with no speed cap. All usage from mobile hotspot will be deducted from this allocated quota.

What happens when I finished my mobile hotspot quota?
You may continue to use mobile hotspot at a reduced speed of up to 64kbps.

Am I allowed to apply member line(s) with GX50?
GX50 is available as a stand-alone Principal line with no member line.

Is unlimited data and calls available for overseas’ usage?
No. All unlimited data and calls are available for domestic use only. Standard IDD rate and roaming charges apply.


Currently, U mobile is one of the Telcos that offering the lowest postpaid plan in Malaysia. So, it is expected that many users will be subscribing to their plan. This is not a good thing, you can see users feedback on their Facebook page or Twitter account. They are all complaining about the unstable internet connection. It can be very fast and it can be very irritating when the connection is disconnecting on and off.

If you are considering to port-in to U Mobile, make sure to check their coverage at your place. You can go to U Mobile Coverage Map website by visiting https://www.u.com.my/support/coverage or click this link.

If you have any issue with U Mobile service, I suggest you can directly contact them on their Twitter account @umobile, I can see them very responsive.

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