TM’s webe mobile review: 7 things you should know

webe review

TM’s webe mobile review: 7 things you should know

TM’s webe is a new hot things in the telco market, with the on-going RM79 promotion and the unlimited plan on mobile data, calls and SMS, I wish I can say that it is the most cheapest plan any telco can offer. But I need to know how does it actually means with the “unlimited” plan.

Let’s get to the point, here is the list of seven things you should know about TM’s webe mobile before considering to subscribe and let go your current mobile plan. Hopefully, this post can help to support your decision whether does it worth or not.

Note: There maybe other few small limitations of webe service which I excluded in this post since they are yet to be confirmed. Soon when I get my hand on it, I’ll let you know.

TM’s webe mobile review: 7 things you should know

#1 webe mobile plan

The first thing you should know is what are included and excluded in your webe mobile plan. Basically, as the plan suggest, you will get never-ending for everything; detail for never-ending please refer to the fair usage policy #5:

  • Never-ending domestic Mobile Data
  • Never-ending domestic Calls
  • Never-ending sending of domestic SMS

#2 Wifi hotspot or USB tethering

Since you will have never-ending domestic Mobile Data, if you are going to tether (use your phone as a hotspot) with your laptop or other devices, you are required to purchase the Personal Wi-Fi Pass at RM6.00 for two (2) hours (excluding GST) which will be activated immediately upon purchase. You can share your Wi-Fi with a maximum of five (5) devices.

#3 Voice features

Take note for the voice features in this mobile plan. It includes all the basic requirement such as Call Hold, Call Waiting, and Missed Call Notification. Features that are not supported includes Video Call, Voicemail, Call Forwarding, Multi-party call, and Enabling Private Number Display on your outgoing calls.

#4 Calls and SMSes

Type of calls and SMSes included and excluded (additional charged) from the webe mobile plan are per the following:

Calls and SMSes included in the webe mobile plan:

  • All domestic calls & SMS to webe and other mobile operators
  • All domestic calls to national fixed line numbers

Additional charges are applicable to these calls and SMSes:

  • Calls to 1300 / 1700 / 1600 / 1MOCC numbers
  • Calls to 02-Prefix numbers for border calls to Singapore
  • 080-Prefix number for border calls to Brunei
  • Calls to Special Number
  • International Calls (IDD) and SMS from Malaysia
  • Voice calls & SMS roaming outside Malaysia

#5 Fair Usage Policy

  1. Can I use my service to download peer-to-peer content (e.g. torrent files)?
    Yes. You can use webe services for peer-to-peer downloads at 64kbps speed.
  2. Am I allowed to use the unlimited voice minutes to make calls for commercial purpose? (E.g. by contact centres)?
    No. You are only allowed to make calls for personal purposes within the set fair usage policy.
  3. Can I perform bulk SMS or SMS blasting using webe?
    No. You are only allowed to send text messages for personal purposes within the set fair usage policy.

#6 LTE band

webe LTE network is leveraging on 850 MHz spectrum. They are currently focusing on expanding their coverage in Klang Valley and Johor Bahru. Other places will still be able to enjoy 3G coverage. As for mobile service, they have nationwide coverage. You can check the LTE coverage here.

#7 webe certified phone

To enjoy and experience the best quality service, you are encouraged to use a webe certified phone. You can check the list of webe certified phones here or you can check your smartphone specification whether it support Band 5 (850 MHz). But if your current phone is not a certified phone model, don’t worry, webe mobile services still can be used (not sure the different until I get my hand on it).

In my opinion, this is one of the best mobile plan you can get. The no string attached for the unlimited data, calls and SMSes plan with only RM79/month, I bet no other telco can beat this offer as of now.

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  • Beez Buzz

    Salam Barzrul. Thanks for the info on webe. I have just bought a new webe sim but have yet to be used because digi hasn’t been deactivated (4 days wait). I wanted to use it for my xiao fang camera, but I’m unsure if it’s considered as tethering. Can u pls help shed light on this? Thanks in advance. -Ani

    • Barzrul

      Wassalam Ani.. it is not tethering if u use the camera to connect to the internet.. pls check also whether ur device is certified device.

      • Beez Buzz

        Thanks for your fast reply on this. I believe my Note 3, though outdated, is certified.

        • Barzrul

          Yes, Note 3 is certified device. So are you using webe sim card in Note 3 or the xiao fang camera?

          • Beez Buzz

            My Note 3

          • Barzrul

            So u are using webe sim card on ur Note 3 and tether to the camera?

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