redONE Amazing 28 review: The cheapest plan for 5GB data

redONE Amazing 28 review
redONE Amazing 28 review – image via redONE

This is redONE Amazing 28 review. Honestly, I never liked redONE, their mobile plan look cheap and at the same time I can feel something fishy. Continue reading to find out what is fishy about this plan.

If you are wondering why I write this article, this is because I just subscribed to this redONE Amazing 28 to put in my daughter smart watch. And in this post, I’ll try my best to give an initial review of this plan after using it for almost a month.


redONE Amazing 28 plan

The basic plan below is according to redONE website.

  • Mobile data: 10GB (5GB 4G/LTE + 5GB basic internet)
  • Calls: Unlimited FREE calls to redONE postpaid users and RM0.15/min to all other networks
  • SMS: RM0.05/SMS to redONE users and RM0.10/SMS to other networks
  • MMS: RM0.20/MMS to any networks

Additional add-ons available for this plan

  • redVIDEO: RM10/purchase (10GB high speed data on popular video streaming apps)
  • redCALL: RM10/month (unlimited voice call to all networks)

Pros of redONE Amazing 28 plan

  • 5GB 4G/LTE data
  • Free 54mins voice call to any network

For RM28 you’ll get 5GB high speed data and free 54mins voice call is consider very cheap even when I compare to Yoodo basic plan (RM30 with 5GB data and free 50mins voice call), you can read more of Yoodo plan review here.

Cons of redONE Amazing 28 plan

  • 5GB basic internet
  • Charged for SMS/MMS
  • 6 months contract

Basically, the 5GB basic internet is just a big lie. It is actually an internet connection which the speed is throttled at 64kbps just like when you are using any other telcos. It is when your quota is depleted, your internet is still connected but you can do nothing, except checking your WhatsApp message.

I feel fishy about this. When they put this in their plan, they brag about having 10GB internet just for RM28. This is not right! They are trying to fool you around.

Things to consider

redONE is proud to be the first Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) and using Celcom Axiata’s fast and reliable 5-star network infrastructure. However, what I experience was the other way around. The coverage and speed are not comparable.

redONE plan comes with a contract of 6 months. However, you have a trial period of one month which is the first month of the subscription. In this one month, you can cancel the plan without any penalty.

Final verdict

So far, what I dislike the most of this Amazing 28 plan is the coverage, speed issue and the contract. I used to use Celcom First Basic 38, but the network and speed was better than redONE.

Last but not least, redONE Amazing 28 is one of the cheapest postpaid plan available today. You have one month of trial period to see whether this plan really suit your need, before deciding to continue with the 6 months contract.

If you have anything to add, just drop a line in the comment below.

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